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Christian (Nesodden) - for all the kind & relevant supply with the loads of info on the turbo case throughout the years - THANK YOU !!!

Juergen (Bitzcore) - for all the support and collected material on Turbo !!!

Morten Andersen (Hit Me!) - for the tons of cool & wonderful TRB photos !!!

Lars & Peter (Moshable) - for the goodies from the Moshable archives !!!
Duke & Alex (Weak) - for free beers & sessions of scanning support !!!
Bård (Bergen) - for the Straitjacket disco + further info !
Kjelli (Trondheim) - for the big bunch of scans & stuff !
Matt + Orange Agenten - for the Berlin'96 photos !
Ivar (Sauda) - for the loads of material !
Trond (Mo i Rana) - for many recent scans, news & stuff
PK (Lofoten) - for many latest news & stuff
Phillip (Los Angeles) - for the New Orleans & Los Angeles photos
Adelia (Washington DC) - for New York City & Washington DC photos
Tor-Erling T. Ruud (NRK Upunkt) - for the Quart 2002 photos
Noel Callan - for the Thames boatshow pics
Paal Audestad - for additional photos
Asbjørn Slettemark - for Alpha party pics
Anna Ledin-Ehrencrona & Patrik Wirén (Close-Up) - issue 57 photos
Frank Mullen (Matteblack) - for the tattoo photos
Sebastian Ludvigsen - for the '03 promo photos
Thomas (N7KLSSX) - for the missing cover scans
Peter Davis (Your Flesh) - for Route Zero review
Christian Nybø - editor of former 'The Myth & The Men' site
Alexander Jensen - editor of former 'The Denim Dungeon' site

THANK YOU for interviews, reviews and additional information !!!

Moshable [Denmark]  Rock Furore & Arvid [Norway]
Your Flesh & Peter Davis [USA]  Carbon 14 [USA]
Flipside [USA]  Maximum Rock'n'Roll [USA]  Creem [USA]
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Deadbeat & Morten [Denmark]  Orange Agenten [Germany]
OX Fanzine & Joachim [Germany]  Visions & Dirk [Germany]
Dagbladet [Norway]  Rock Sound & Stefania [Italy]
PULS [Norway]  Noise For Heroes [USA]  Intro [Germany]
Play Louder [England]  Zero Mag [USA]  AVN [USA]
Transit [France]  The Independent [England]  Q Mag [England]
Mohawk Distro & Tom [Austria] Blank Generation [USA]
The Age [Australia]  The Times [England]  Ink 19 [USA]
Low Cut [Denmark]  Lollipop [USA]  OC Weekly [USA]

THANK YOU for additional photos !!!

Micke Bergman [Ludvika festival]  Stian Andersen [photos 98-07]
J. Martin Frias [Spanish session]  Bjørn Opsahl [Levi's sessions]
Moro & Iñaki [Bilbao pics]  Marco Finger ['98 b&w portraits]
Rob Erickson [Costa Mesa pics]

You knew this before: TURBONEGRO WILL NEVER DIE !