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Indie Recordings INDIE262, Norway - black & ltd. white vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve,
                                                jewel case CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2019
Universal Music, Norway - 180g black vinyl LP, gatefold sleeve, ltd. 500, july 2012
Scandinavian Leather SLCD005, Norway - CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2007
Edel Music 0183622ERE, Germany - CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2007
Cooking Vinyl COOKCD423, UK & USA - CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2007
Shock Records CTX365CD, Australia - CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2007
Epitaph 82029, USA - enhanced digipak CD, january 2003
Burning Heart BHR 164, Sweden - enhanced digipak CD, january 2003
Bitzcore bc 1720, Germany - black vinyl LP, gatefold sleeve & jewel case CD, 1999
                                                ltd. red vinyl LP (Bitzcore mailorder only), 1999
                                                ltd. purple vinyl LP (Bitzcore mailorder only), 2002
                                                ltd. white/grey vinyl LP (Get Hip USA exclusive), 2002
Man's Ruin MR-149, USA - jewel case CD, march 1999
Man's Ruin / Sympathy SFTRI-565, USA - marbled pink vinyl LP, march 1999
Virgin Records, Norway - domestic CD release as "Turboneger", february 1998
Boomba! boomba-002, Germany - black vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve with insert,
                                                         jewel case CD, february 1998

01   The Age Of Pamparius
02   Selfdestructo Bust
03   Get It On
04   Rock Against Ass
05   Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker
06   Rendezvous With Anus
07   Zillion Dollar Sadist
08   Prince Of The Rodeo
09   Back To Dungaree High
10   Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)
11   Monkey On Your Back
12   Humiliation Street
13   Good Head

14   Get It on (promo video)  *
15   Are You Ready (promo video)  *
16   Age Of Pamparius (Quart'02 live video)  *

14   Prince Of The Rodeo (7" version)  **
15   Suffragette City (orig. David Bowie)  **

 * 2003 reissue bonus tracks
 ** 2007/2019 CD reissue bonus tracks


Turbonegro's ROCK masterpiece recorded in the autumn of 1997 and released in march 1998. "Apocalypse Dudes" presents Turbonegro's trademarked Deathpunk sound in a mighty rockin' fashion, "a new resurgence of glam rock'n'roll" - much due to exceptional Überguitarist Euroboy, who was playing with the band live since 1996.

A few contemporary remarks: "Apocalypse Dudes is the perfect mix of classic 70's US punk / rock'n'roll like Dictators, Heartbreakers & Ramones... every tune on this release is fucking brilliant". And Dead Kennedys' vocalist Jello Biafra claimed: "The new Turbonegro record is possibly the most important European record ever!"

Featuring instant hits such as "Get it on", "Prince of the rodeo" & "Selfdestructo bust", the theme song for Pål's pizza parlour "Age of Pamparius", their blow job anthem "Good head" and the deathpunk power ballad "Humilation Street", Turbo's own "Gimme danger".

The six-headed snake on the cover is a modification of the symbol used by Symbionese Liberation Army, a terrorist group that kidnapped Patty Hearst (future heiress of the Hearst press empire) in 1974 and converted her "through a relentless program of mental, physical and sexual intimidation to their own cause" ! What a fitting motto !!

The 2003 CD reissue comes in digipak sleeve plus additional mpeg-video material.

The 2007 CD reissues add two bonus tracks: an early recording of "Prince of the Rodeo" lifted off Turbo's 1996' single on the Norwegian Hit Me! label, and a David Bowie cover recorded during the album sessions, originally put out on a single for Denish Bad Afro label.

Very limited quantities of the Bitzcore vinyl were available on red as well as white-gray-swirled vinyl.

Line-up on this recording:
Hanky (vocals), Euroboy & Rune (guitars), Happy-Tom (bass), Pål (keyboards), Chris (drums)


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