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Indie Recordings INDIE263, Norway - black & ltd. transparent yellow vinyl LP,
                                                jewel case CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2019
Universal Music, Norway - 180g black vinyl LP, ltd. to 500 copies, july 2012
Scandinavian Leather SLCD004, Norway - CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2007
Edel Music 0183632ERE, Germany - CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2007
Cooking Vinyl COOKCD424, UK & USA - CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2007
Shock Records CTX366CD, Australia - CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, october 2007
Epitaph 82028, USA - enhanced digipak CD, january 2003
Burning Heart BHR 163, Sweden - enhanced digipak CD, january 2003
Bitzcore bc 1719, Germany - black vinyl LP & jewel case CD, 1999
                                                ltd. red vinyl LP (Bitzcore mailorder only), 1999
                                                ltd. yellow vinyl (Get Hip USA exclusive), 2002
Sympathy SFTRI-385, USA - CD w/ 2 bonus tracks, february 1997
Boomba! boomba-001, Germany - black vinyl LP & jewel case CD, may 1996

01   A Dazzling Display Of Talent
02   Midnight NAMBLA
03   Deathtime
04   Black Rabbit
05   Denim Demon
06   Bad Mongo
07   Mobile Home (orig. The Lewd)
08   I Got Erection
09   Just Flesh
10   Hobbit Motherfuckers
11   Sailorman
12   Turbonegro Hate The Kids
13   Imorgen Skal Eg Daue
14   Raggare Is A Bunch Of Motherfuckers
       (orig. Rude Kids)

15   Denim Demon (promo video)  *
16   Midnight NAMBLA (Quart'02 live video)  *

15   Screwed & Tattooed  **
16   Young Boys Feet (orig. The Dicks)  **

 * 2003 reissue bonus tracks
 ** SFTRI & 2007/2019 CD bonus tracks


Turbonegro's punk masterpiece that propelled them to underground cult stardom in 1996. "Ass Cobra" compiles most of the songs that were put out during '94 to '95 on various single and ep releases on labels like Bovine, Fatal Erection, Munster & Hit Me! and features a handfull of additional songs.

Here's where a good part of the myth starts: denim-clad norsemen, less than subtle references to Tom-of-Finland inspired homoerotics and further successfull efforts to break down the last taboos of political correctness, all wrapped in excellent songwriting and a punk rock sound cooked to perfection. Some of the immortal hits: "Denim Demon", "Bad Mongo", "I got erection", "Sailorman" to name a few.

The packaging is delicate as well: the front sleeve is Turbo's own tribute to the Beach Boys' "Pet sounds" album, the fold-out insert features Hank posing with a snake like Nastasja Kinski once did before.

Plus great versions of old songs by kindred spirits: a cover of the "Raggare" song by Sweden's Rude Kids and "Mobile home" by San Francisco punks The Lewd.

The 2003 reissue comes in digipak sleeve with bonus mpeg-video material.

The 2007 CD reissues add the two bonus tracks that were once exclusive to the US album release by SFTRI.

Very limited quantities of the Bitzcore vinyl were pressed on red as well as yellow vinyl.

Line-up on this recording:
Hanky (vocals), Bingo (bass), Pål & Rune (guitars), Happy-Tom (drums)


written & published by "turbo-archive"