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Scandinavian Leather SLCD006, Norway - 20-song CD, october 2007
Edel Music ERE183612, Germany - 20-song CD, october 2007
Cooking Vinyl COOKCD422, UK & USA - 20-song CD, october 2007
Shock Records CTX367CD, Australia - 20-song CD, october 2007
Bitzcore bc 1759, Germany - 20-song remastered digipak CD, may 2005
Get Hip Recordings, USA - 20-song CD, 2000
Bitzcore bc 1715, Germany - 15-song CD & 20-song 2LP, august 1999

01   The Age Of Pamparius
02   Back To Dungaree High
03   Get It On
04   Just Flesh
05   Don't Say Motherfucker Motherfucker
06   Midnight NAMBLA
07   Sailor Man
08   Rendezvous With Anus
09   Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)
10   Selfdestructo Bust
11   Rock Against Ass
12   Prince Of The Rodeo
13   Monkey On Your Back
14   Denim Demon
15   I Got Erection
16   Bad Mongo  **
17   Zillion Dollar Sadist  **
18   Death Time  **
19   Hobbit Motherfuckers  **
20   Good Head  **

   ** not included on Bitzcore bc 1715 CD


GREAT live album recorded at two different locations during their '98 European tour: at the Fabrik in Hamburg on may 10th, 1998 and at their (then) last ever show at Mars, Oslo on december 18th, 1998 !

Just as a little reminder on the greatness of Turbo's live performances let's quote the promo sheet for this release: "If ABBA were all guys, had been born 30 years later and had grown up on Black Flag, Phil Spector, The Stones, pornography and speed, this is what they would have sounded like. This is the real thing: No promo budgets, no 18 month old tattoos, no bullshit, just one of the most powerful bands in the history of rock'n'roll !"

The artwork of the front sleeve was culled from a beautiful 70's poster advertising for "The Magic Show" of American magician Doug Henning, and put into turbo context by american illustrator Frank Kozik.

The first 3000 copies of the vinyl edition featured a sleeve with embossed band name and included a large-size poster for their European "Darkness Forever" tour with Nashville Pussy while a limited number of the CD came with a free "Turbojugend" sticker.

Very limited quantities of the Bitzcore LP were pressed transparent blue as well as gray vinyl.

Line-up on this recording:
Hanky (vocals), Euroboy & Rune (guitars), Happy-Tom (bass), Pål (keyboards) + Chris Summers (drums)


written & published by "turbo-archive", 2001