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Scandinavian Leather SLCD002, Norway - CD w/ 5 bonus tracks, october 2007
Edel Music 0183652ERE, Germany - CD w/ 5 bonus tracks, november 2007
Cooking Vinyl COOKCD426, UK & USA - CD w/ 5 bonus tracks, october 2007
Shock Records CTX368CD, Australia - CD w/ 5 bonus tracks, october 2007
Bitzcore bc 1721 - LP & CD w/ bonus tracks reissued june 2000
Repulsion RE-015, Germany, CD-only as "Helta Skelta" w/ 5 bonus tracks, 1993
Big Ball BBR-004, Norway, CD-only, released march 1992

01   Librium Love
02   Punk Pals
03   Kiss The Knife
04   Vaya Con Satan
05   Hot Cars
06   Clenched Teeth
07   New Wave Song
08   Nadsat Comes Easy
09   Zonked Out (On Hashish)
10   I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls
11   Prima Moffe (orig. Leather Nun)
12   Suburban Anti-Christ  **
13   Armed & Fairly Well Equipped  **
14   Manimal  **
15   Dark Secret Girl  **
16   'A Career In Indierock'  **

 ** "Helta Skelta" & reissue bonus tracks

TRBNGR's metallic deathtrip from 1992 feat. Harald Fossberg of late 70's Norwegian punk pioneers HÆRVERK on vocals. Contemporary critics agreed that this must be the ultimate cross-over of Venom & Radio Birdman !! Great tracks like "Librium Love" and "Destructive Girls" constantly made it into their live-set all through the 90's.

The album had been originally released as a 11-song CD on Big Ball Records, the subsequent edition on Repulsion Records entitled "Helta Skelta" featured four additional songs plus the exclusive audio play "A career in indierock" but left out the Leather Nun cover. The Bitzcore reissue combines the entire tracks from both prior releases in mighty improved sound and all wrapped in a new sleeve as well.

Besides, it is available for the first time on vinyl (without tracks 11 & 16), extremely limited quantities of the vinyl (less than 60 copies each) were pressed on yellow as well as green vinyl.

The CD reissue from 2007 contains the identical tracks but in different order.

Line-up on this recording:
Harry Fossberg (vocals), Bingo (bass), Pål & Rune (guitars), Happy-Tom (drums)


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