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Tilt TTCD 004, Australia - best-of compilation, released july 2001

1. The Age Of Pamparius
2. Get It On
3. Selfdestructo Bust
4. Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)
5. Just Flesh
6. Denim Demon
7. I Got Erection
8. Sailor Man
9. Rock Against Ass (live)
10. Back To Dungaree High (live)
11. Prince Of The Rodeo (live)
12. Suburban Princeīs Death Song
13. No Beast So Fierce
14. Timebomb
15. Librium Love
16. Armed & Fairly Well Equipped
17. I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls


"Love it to deathpunk" is a really well-done "best-of" compilation that was released in Australia and features 17 songs selected from Turbonegro's four studio albums and the "Darkness forever" live record, a journey through the band's back-catalogue so to speak.

Considering that it contains song material that was recorded between 1991 and 1998 this compilation sounds amazingly even, and of course all the hits are present here. The booklet is spiced with some full color photos such as the rad shot of Chris Summers lighting his cigarette at Hanky's sparkling ass-rocket.

This release was limited to 2000 copies and is now out of print.


written & published by "turbo-archive", 2001