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Bitzcore bc 1716, Germany - DVD with bonus material released january 2003
Bitzcore bc 1716, Germany - video cassette released november 1999

includes among others:

Promo videos for "Timebomb", "Denim Demon", "Get It On", "Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)"

Live footage from their Darkness Forever tour in november '98 (Düsseldorf/Germany & Spain) and their farewell show in Oslo, december '98

On-the-road & live snippets from their
"Namblin' In The 90's" USA tour (july '95)
"Prince of the Rodeo" German tour (january '97)
"Summer of Head" German tour (june '97)
"Summer of Head" USA tour (july '97)

Television features broadcasted by Viva TV
Turbonegro in Cologne (june '97)
Turbonegro at PopKomm (august '97)
Happy-Tom & Hank with Jeremy & Corey of Nashville Pussy answering fan letters (november '98)
ramblings on the "duality of ass", tour breakfasts, weapon traders and other topics...

Get Ready For The Deathtrack Of Your Life !!

"The Movie" compiles nearly one hundred minutes of Turbonegro video footage culled from various sources: 4 promo clips for among others "Denim demon" and "Get it on", several band features that were broadcasted by German Viva TV during 1997/98, live recordings from the Darkness Forever tour and the farewell show in Oslo, plus lots of obscure on-the-road snippets from Turbo's private archives that were all recorded in Norway, Germany, Spain and USA between 1995 and 1998 at various locations.

The recording quality ranges from amateurish to professional, but so is life and it doesn't spoil the fun. The video is available in NTSC format as well via Get Hip distribution.


written & published by "turbo-archive", 2000