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Scandinavian Leather SLCD003, Norway - CD w/ 3 bonus songs, october 2007
Edel Music 0183642ERE, Germany - CD w/ 3 bonus songs, november 2007
Cooking Vinyl COOKCD425, UK & USA - CD w/ 3 bonus songs, october 2007
Shock Records CTX369CD, Australia - CD w/ 3 bonus songs, october 2007
Bitzcore bc 1714, Germany - LP & CD reissued may 1999
Dog Job, Norway - CD-only w/ different artwork, released february 1994

01   Letter From Your Mamma
02   Suburban Prince's Death Song
03   Übermensch
04   I Will Never Die
05   No Beast So Fierce
06   Destination: Hell
07   Timebomb
08   Pain In Der Arsch, Pocket Full Of Cash
09   Hush Earthling
10   Nihil Sleighride
11   Grunge Whore
12   Black Chrome
13   Oslo Bloodbath 2: I Don't Care
14   Oslo Bloodbath 3: Ballad Of Gerda & Tore

15   Hush Earthling (remixed)  **
16   Kick It Out  **
17   Let It Burn  **

 ** 2007 reissue bonus tracks

Turboneger's first album with the now legendary Hank Von Helvete on vocals, recorded throughout 1993 and released in early 1994. This is quite a departure from the omni-present destructive rush of "Hot Cars", but rather a bitter and desperate ride through the alienated landscapes of suburban darkness !!

"A tribute to Blue Oyster Cult" - as claimed by themselves !!

The Bitzcore re-issue comes with new sleeve artwork showing german TV detective superintendant 'Derrick' Horst Tappert holding a gun to his head !!

Furthermore the LP insert / CD traycard depicts a photo montage of Pål imitating H.M. Schleyer (president of the german employers association) as abducted by the R.A.F. terrorists in 1977. According to Happy-Tom this "was a special greeting from the other members of the band, regarding Pål's newly found role as owner and operator of Pamparius Pizza".

Very limited quantities (123 copies) of the Bitzcore LP were pressed on red vinyl!

The 2007 CD reissue adds 3 bonus tracks: a remixed version of an album track and two outtakes from the 1993 album sessions which were already issued on Bitzcore's "Small Feces" box set before.

Line-up on this recording:
Hanky (vocals), Bingo (bass), Pål & Rune (guitars) + Happy-Tom (drums)


written & published by "turbo-archive", 2001