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Bitzcore bc 1753, Germany - single DVD, released in february 2005
Bitzcore bc 1753, Germany - boxed double DVD set, released in december 2004

disc one contains

The Reserection television rockumentary (norwegian language) directed + filmed by Trond Sættem in 2002
plus outtakes from documentary, Pål baking pizza at Pamparius and photo gallery

disc two contains

Live at Quart Festival 2002 includes "Deathtime / Selfdestructo Bust / Back To Dungaree High / Are You Ready For Some Darkness / Midnight Nambla / Zillion Dollar Sadist / Get It On / I Got Erection"

Extra Footage :
· De Dype "We don't like you" (live - 1987)
· TRBNGR "Flowerbox" (live - Oslo 1989)
· TRBNGR "Six Pack" (live - Fredrikstad 1992)
· Turboneger "I will never die" (live - Bergen 1995)
· ZTV interview with Hank & Pål plus an alternate
  video clip of "Denim Demon" (1995)
· Turbonegro "Hate the kids / Bad mongo / Black
  rabbit / Raggare" (live - Oslo 1995)
· Turbonegro "I got erection" video clip (1996)
· NRK interview with Hank (1997)
· "Back to Dungaree High" (live - Essen, 1998)
· "Rendezvous with anus" (live - Hultsfred, 2002)
· "Just flesh / Hobbit motherfuckers" (Bizarre 2002)

Ascending From Darkness ...

In early december 2001 - almost 3 years after their split - Turbonegro's sensational "res-erection" began with an out of the blue announcement of their participation in the Quart Festival held in Kristiansand, Norway. Soon two more shows were confirmed for the summer of 2002 at the Swedish Hultsfred and the German Bizarre Festival. Their number of fans had grown substantially in the meantime and all of these shows were a huge success, an overwhelming welcome and celebration of Turbonegro's return to the rock'n'roll ring.

The first DVD contains the Turbonegro documentary by Trond Sættem about the band's comeback in 2002 that was broadcasted on Norwegian television NRK shortly before the release of "Scandinavian Leather". Trond met the band at their rehearsals and accompanied the shows of their Res-erection festival tour that summer. He visited and interviewed Hank at home up in Lofoten and was taken on a tour of the whaling museum where Hank had worked in the meantime.

The second DVD contains a selection of live material from the 3 Res-erection shows (mainly Quart festival) plus more assorted & unseen footage from the vaults beginning in the pre-Turbo years of 1987 with De Dype, more live cuts from shows in Norway spanning the years 89-98 with all the different lineups plus appearances on Swedish & Norwegian television where among others Hank shows the host how to handle the ass-rocket !!

The 2 DVDs are housed in a glossy cardboard box including a 16 page full-color booklet packed with photos and liner notes by Dirk Siepe of Visions magazine.

The boxed double DVD set is exclusively available at Turbojugend Mailorder !!
The single DVD contains the contents of disc 1 plus selected footage of their Reserection shows from disc 2 !!


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