ROCKNROLL MACHINE   CD & LP & MC                                          

Scandinavian Leather / Universal Music, Norway - CD + 180g LP, february 2018
Burger Records BRGR1228, USA - CD + LP + Cassette, february 2018

rocknroll machine

"-"   Suite: The Rocknroll Machine...
01   Part I: Chrome Ozone Creation
02   Part II: Well Hello
03   Part III: Rocknroll Machine
04   Hurry Up & Die
05   Fist City
06   Skinhead Rock & Roll
07   Hot For Nietzsche
08   On The Rag
09   Let The Punishment Fit The Behind
10   John Carpenter Powder Ballad
11   Special Education

Turbonegro's ninth studio album will be released in Norway by Scandinavian Leather (distributed by Universal Music) on february 2, and will be available worldwide through US-based Burger Records from California.

This is what the band says about their new album:

"Brand hot topics around artificial intelligence and future technology are running through the turbo processor and are coming out in the shape of todays smartest rock robot. It holds on the whole night, delivers the fattest riffs, is cheap to operate and and always walks the thin line between genius and stupidity. Exactly how good old-fashioned rock should be!"

Two new songs of the album have been made public before its release - the title track "Rocknroll Machine" as well as Turbo's … uuhm, winter paralympic sports anthem "Hurry Up And Die". Pre-listen over here at Turbonegro HQ @ YouTube !!

Line-up on this recording:
Tony Sylvester (vocals), Happy-Tom (bass), Euroboy & Rune (guitars), Håkon Marius (keyboards), Tommy Manboy (drums)