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Despotz Records DZCD1, Sweden - digipak CD released in november 2007

New Moscow : Turbo Must Be Destroyed
Como Si Nada : Do You Dig Destruction
Tony Naima : City Of Satan
Baby Blå : La Saboteur
Mirc : Babylon Forever
Sheraye : All My Friends Are Dead
Seven Shells : Monkey On Your Back
Veil Of Blue : Zillion Dollar Sadist
Per Och Helena : I Got Erection
DJPJGJ : Are You Ready ...
Sub Luna : Denim Demon
Andreas Westholm: Letter From Momma
Marica : Sailor Man
Buys Boys : Get It On
My Mundane : Fuck The World (F.T.W.)


Six years after the famous Turbonegro tribute album "Alpha Motherfuckers" released by Bitzcore Records, another tribute album is launched by the Despotz label from Stockholm. Here fifteen Scandinavian bands and artists convert classic Turbonegro songs into easy listening tunes, with the bulk of the material stemming from "Ass Cobra", "Apocalypse Dudes", "Scandinavian Leather" and "Party Animals".

As the label claims: "There is no other band out there more kitsch than Turbonegro and therefore we put together this pink lounge tribute compilation filled with beautiful evil art."

The album is distributed by Playground Music in Sweden and by Edel Music in most European countries.


turbo-archive, 2007