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Bitzcore bc 1723, Germany - CD & 2LP released in june 2001
Hopeless, USA - CD released july 2001
Tilt TTCD005, Australia - CD released 2001

Nashville Pussy : Age Of Pamparius
Therapy? : Denim Demon
Amulet : Hate The Kids
Supersuckers : Get It On
Scared Of Chaka : Selfdestructo Bust  **
Bela B. & Denim Girl : Are You Ready ?
Queens Of The Stone Age : Dungaree High
HIM : Rendezvous With Anus
Satyricon : I Got Erection
Maryslim : No Beast So Fierce
Scot Free : Rock Against Ass
Nullskattesnylterne: Sailor Man
Hot Water Music : Prince of the Rodeo
Griffin : Bad Mongo
Zeke : Midnight Nambla
The Peepshows : Just Flesh
Spacebitch : Donīt say Motherfucker
Motorpsycho : Heīs a Grungewhore
ADZ : Good Head
The Dwarves : Hobbit Motherfuckers
Puffball : Zonked Out On Hashish
Motosierra : Hobbit Motherfuckers
Samesugas : (I fucked) Betty Page
Ratos De Porao : Suburban Anti-Christ
Real McKenzies : Sailor Man
Toby Dammit : Prince of the Rodeo

 ** Hopeless edition bonus track


Two and a half years after Turbonegro's decease the spirit of Deathpunk continues: 25 bands from all over the world are paying hommage to one of the most important and most sensational rock bands of the 90's !!!
Bitzcore had received more than 80 contributions from denim disciples worldwide, and here is delivered a selection of 25 unique and dedicated interpretations of classic Turbonegro songs that range from punk to hardcore to glam rock or even black metal plus furthermore manage to enter pop song territory which fits them utterly fine too.

The tribute album is available as a gatefold double LP and on compact disc. First copies of the vinyl come with a Turbonegro poster, while a limited first edition of the CD has a bonus disc containing a bunch of further 10 tracks. The vinyl album is also available on various vinyl colours through Turbojugend Mailorder.

Soviet-style layout by Frank Kozik - and you will also find liner notes by each band on their first encounter with Deathpunk etc. plus a cool essay written by exceptional Herzog Hank on the true nature and meaning of being an alpha motherfucker !

track listing for the limited bonus cd:

Scot Free : Age of Pamparius
Moral Hazard : I Got Erection
Red Hot Lovers : Black Chrome
The Gravy Boys : Destination Hell
Scared Of Chaka : Selfdestructo Bust
Jerry Spider Gang : Toodlepip fuck
Three Years Down : Self Destructo Bust
Peter Pan : Donīt say Motherfucker
Cellophane Suckers : I'm in Love with the Destructive Girls
Prollhead! : Gut bläst (aka Good Head)


written & published by "turbo-archive", 2001