HÆRVERK - legendary late 70's punk band feat. Harald Fossberg on vocals

SISTE DAGERS HELLIGE - mid-80's band feat. Harald Fossberg

AKUTT INNLEGGELSE - early 80s hardcore outfit incl. Happy-Tom & Bingo

ANAL BABES - another cool & notorious Oslo punk band - this section also includes an interview with the band and David of Big Ball Records

BLACK & DECKER - late 80s/early 90s combo feat. Bingo and Thomas

THE DAGGERS - a powerpop trio feat. Thomas on the drums

INRI - Hanky's first band with his ex-wife on bass

THE VIKINGS - fronted by Devil Dogs' Steve Baise including Happy-Tom & Euroboy - this section features an illustrated discography + Stevie interview

KWYET KINGS - Arne Thelin's garage/power pop combo incl. Euroboy

KÅRE & THE CAVEMEN / THE EUROBOYS - Knut's fantastic instrumental band - this section also incl. an illustrated discography & interview with Knut

TOM LUND BAND - EM2000 song with Happy-Tom, Euroboy & Chris

OSLO MOTHERFUCKERS - art-rock for people who hate art w/ Tom & Chris

THE DUKES OF NOTHING - loud furious sludge rock feat. Tony Sylvester

BLACK DIAMOND BRIGADE - Euroboy & Billy Gould playing KISS

SCUM - Happy-Tom in league with Faust & Samoth of Emperor


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