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author: Håkon Moslet
published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Norway, ISBN 9788205362420
released in october 2007 - 546 pages, written in Norwegian language

Hakon Moslet - Saga of the Denim People - Turbonegro biography

The Saga of the Denim People

In the may of 2006 Norwegian journalist Håkon Moslet was officially commissioned to write Turbonegro's authorized biography. The book was published exclusively in Norway (and in Norwegian language) and has sold more than 20.000 copies so far. Many details and stories from the inner circle of Turbonegro with plenty of photos!

To quote the publisher's introduction:

It began with an obstreperous din in the music room at Oslo's Experimental High School. It ended with an international army of denim-clad fans. The Norwegian "deathpunk" band Turbonegro moved from parody to revolution, from provocation to provocation, from groping in the dark to cheers in the footlights. Turbonegro. The Saga of the Denim People is a story of friendship and enmity, ambition and failure, arrogance and a death wish, overdoses and guitar solos. It is about the classic albums, the band members who got kicked out, the filthy dressing rooms, the girls, the parties, the rock. Here is a world where the love of punk is as formidable as the talent for cynical marketing, and where a hunger for fame goes hand in hand with an inborn sense of outsiderhood.

Håkon Moslet (born 1973) has worked for Dagbladet as a music journalist and reviewer for six years. Since 2002 he has been head of music at the radio station NRK P3. Turbonegro. The Saga of the Denim People is his first book.

The book is still available at Gyldendal Norsk Forlag !!

It also exists in a Swedish translation by Oeyvind Vågen under the new title "Droger, deathpunk & denim" published by BTM Books.


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