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author: Morten Andersen
published by Hit Me! Records, Norway, ISBN 9788299532655
released in september 2008 - 512 pages with 315 b&w photos

Morten Andersen - Ass Time Goes By - photo book

Turbonegro 1990-1998

Extensive collection of Turboneger photos focusing on the band's underground years spanning the different line-ups performing on stage and being on the road. The vast majority was taken at shows in Norway, but also plenty of shots from Denmark, Germany and France (brilliant - the riots at St.Amant!) are included here.

By leafing through this book you can follow through the various stages of Turbonegro defining their own visual style - from Kraftwerk uniforms to the short-lived waiter look and the Al-Jolson schtick to finally evolving into their trademark full denim demon regalia.

Comes with a pretty clever introduction by Happy Tom!

The book was limited to 1000 copies and should be out of print by now.

Check out Morten Andersen's website for more of his books here !!


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