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author: Stian Andersen
published by Aschehoug, Norway, ISBN 9788203238482
released in september 2010 - 250 pages with b&w and color photos

Stian Andersen - Turboneger - photo book

Turbonegro 1993-2009

Stian Andersen's photo book covers entirely the Turbo era with Hank Von Helvete as vocalist, beginning with their short-lived reincarnation as Stierkampf leading to the famous shots of the Apocalypse Dudes and documenting the reformed band in the first decade of the 21st century.

Captured live at shows, backstage and in the tourbus as well as in photo sessions that were used for album artwork and promotion. A great companion piece to Morten Andersen's photo book. Includes brand-new interview with the band conducted by Asbjørn Slettemark as well as a poster.

As Stian stated in an interview with Dagbladet: "It was cool to witness their entire development from the shitty cellar clubs to sold out stadiums, from "lapskaus" to champagne so to speak, and all the things in between".

The book can still be ordered here at aschehoug.no !!

Check out the photographer's website at stianandersen.com !!


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