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author: Uta Heuser
published by Andreas Reiffer Verlag, Germany, ISBN 3934896669
released in april 2007 - 354 pages, written in German language

Uta Heuser - Give me friction, baby! - Turbonegro biography

Turbonegro und die Turbojugend!

This is the first ever book written on Turbonegro and was released in april 2007 around the time when the band had just released their new "Retox" album.

The book's author Uta Heuser (member of Turbojugend City Of Colours) had spent more than a year extensively researching and compiling material on the bands history, and traveled several times to Norway to conduct interviews with former band members (i.e. Harry & Vegard) as well as people who have worked with the band in the past, and also The Turbojugend receives a detailed treatment here in the latter part of the book.

By assembling everything in chronological order and adding her own personal observations and annotations, Uta has created kind of an oral history of almost 20 years of deathpunk! The book has 352 pages and is spiced with a big selection of photos.

The book should be still available at Verlag Andreas Reiffer !!


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