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TURBONEGRO.COM - home of the Turbonegro Headquarters

TURBONEGRO @ Facebook - meet the zillion $$$ sadist

UNIVERSAL MUSIC NORWAY - release Turbonegro in Scandinavia

INDIE RECORDINGS - fra Norge, are in charge of reissueing Turbo's entire backcatalogue on vinyl and compact disc

BURGER RECORDS - release "Rock'N'Roll Machine" worldwide

VOLCOM ENTERTAINMENT - release "Sexual Harassment" worldwide (link to their bandcamp site)

TURBOJUGEND SHOP - the US address for official merchandise

LO-FI MERCHANDISE - the German address for official merchandise

  IGGY & THE STOOGES - Jesus loves them forever !!!

OFF! - Keith Morris of Black Flag & Circle Jerks and Steve McDonald of Redd Kross are back joined by further US westcoast punk veterans - don't miss

MANITOBA NYC - Handsome Dick Manitoba of The Dictators

EBBOT - former vocalist and frontman of Sweden's legendary Union Carbide Productions and The Sountrack Of Our Lives

MONDO GENERATOR - Nick Oliveri's band, formerly of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stoneage

NASHVILLE PUSSY - Southern Fried Rock & last companions on Turbo's road to Darkness Forever in november '98

  BAD AFRO RECORDS - from Denmark. Your ultimate choice to keep on track with some of the coolest in Scandinavian rock music - home of the great MOSHABLE magazine too that already had Turbo on the frontpage back in 1992!!

SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY - the anti-mogul delivers audio salvation for off-centered souls - since 1988!! Issued several Turbo records in the USA all through the 90's as well as some releases of Happy Tom's Straitjacket label plus related bands like The Euroboys and The Vikings.

HIT ME! RECORDS - from Oslo, Norway, released two classic Turbo singles plus lots of more cool stuff by The Vikings, Kåre & The Cavemen, Gluecifer, Backstreet Girls …this is a link to their Discogs site

BIG BALL RECORDS - local Oslo label that was mainly active in the early 90's and released TRB's debut album as well as discs by Anal Babes, Astroburger, Kung-Fu Girls and the like …this is a link to their Discogs site

  KÅRE AND THE CAVEMEN - or The Euroboys if you will, the official facebook site! Yepp, they are active again with the original line-up of Knut, Kåre, Dag, Anders and Per, don't miss them live !!

MIRROR LAKES - Knut Schreiner's other current band offering a style that is described as "US westcoast rock meets indie-rock"

HANK VON HELL - return of the iconic ex-Turbonegro singer

TURBONECRO - former Turbonegro members (1989-1995) performing live the early TRBNGR songs

MOTORPSYCHO - experimental prog-inspired rock from Trondheim

BACKSTREET GIRLS - Norwegian Kings of Boogie-Rock since 1984!!

BLOODLIGHTS - Captain Poon's (of Gluecifer fame) new band !!

KVELERTAK - punkrock/blackmetal bastard who grabs you by the throat

OSLO ESS - punkrock/independent from Oslo

THE YUM YUMS - great powerpop w/ Vikings & Kwyet Kings members

SCUM - Happy-Tom teams up with 2 Emperor members !!

ANAL BABES - TRB's longtime Oslo comrades, called it quits sept.98

TURBO @ GROOVE.NO - comprehensive overview of Turbonegro

LUNA KAFE - lots of reviews on Norwegian independent music

  GRUNNEN ROCKS - one big index on noise, garage and punk

TROUSER PRESS - fabulous guide to rock of the 70's, 80's and 90's

ROCKPALAST - your favourite band live on German TV !!

CLOSE-UP - great rock/metal/goth magazine from Sweden

GEARHEAD - hot rod & rock'n'roll magazine from San Francisco

I-94 BAR - from Australia, serving drinks & rock, lots of interviews

LAUT - rock/pop/metal/indie online mag from Germany

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL - the international punk underground scene

OX FANZINE - German punkrock zine w/ huge online interview archive

QUIETUS - great English rock music & pop culture magazine

RAZORCAKE - punk rock zine from Los Angeles

TERMINAL BOREDOM - US online mag by ex-Blank Generation's

VISIONS - German independent & rock magazine


<< please take note that the author of turbonegro deathpunk archive is not responsible for the contents of the websites linked on this page >>