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02-AUG   WTJT XV @ Grosse Freiheit 36 - Hamburg, Germany (w/ Giuda)
03-AUG   Borgholm Brinner @ Borgholms Slottruin - Borgholm, Sweden
09-AUG   Varangerfestivalen @ Vadsøhallen - Vadsø, Norway
16-AUG   Motocultor Festival - Saint Nolff, France
23-AUG   Vangen Live - Haugesund, Norway

06-SEP   Granittrock @ Lillomarka Arena - Oslo, Norway

11-SEP   Pabellón Cuervo - Mexico City, Mexico
13-SEP   Blondie - Santiago de Chile, Chile
14-SEP   El Teatro Flores - Buenos Aires, Argentina
15-SEP   Carioca Club - São Paulo, Brazil

29-SEP   Street Mode Festival - Thessaloniki, Greece

11-OCT   Folken - Stavanger, Norway
12-OCT   Caledonien Hall - Kristiansand, Norway (w/ Honningbarna, Flying Crap)
19-OCT   Rockefeller Music Hall - Oslo, Norway   *** already sold out

02-NOV   Rockefeller Music Hall - Oslo, Norway   *** extra show
15-NOV   Rock The Boat @ M/S Silja Galaxy - Stockholm, Sweden
16-NOV   The Circus - Helsinki, Finland

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