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  · RECORD RELEASES 2003-2004

FUCK THE WORLD   7" + CD single

( 7" single: Burning Heart BHR 1074, Sweden, 2003 )
incl. Fuck The World ; Fuck The World (instrumental)

( CD single: Burning Heart BHR 175, Sweden, 2003 )
incl. Fuck The World ; Fuck The World (instrumental) ; Are You Ready For Some Darkness (live)

( 7" single: Vice Records, USA, 2003 )
incl. Fuck The World ; Are You Ready... (live)

The first song revealed to the public from the upcoming & highly anticipated "Scandinavian Leather" album - a magnificant mid paced power anthem whose lyrical content deals with Turbo's (often suspiciously regarded) return and includes an unmistakable message for the many displeased dogs in the manger.

Shortly before the single's release Turbonegro shot a stunning video clip for this song in Rumania, among others it features the Rumanian National Ballet, a gypsy woman's stone-old raven and psycho-sexual scenarios inspired by photographer Helmut Newton.


( LP, CD: Burning Heart Records BHR 169, Sweden, 2003 )
( leather digipak CD + DVD: Burning Heart BHR 170, 2003 )
( leather box LP + 12": Bitzcore bc 1743, Germany, 2003 )

incl. The Blizzard Of Flames; Wipe It Till It Bleeds; Gimme Some; Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed; Sell Your Body (To The Night); Remain Untamed; Train Of Flesh; Fuck The World (F.T.W.); Locked Down; I Want Everything; Drenched In Blood; Le Saboteur; Ride With Us + Silent Roar (Bitzcore-only bonus song)

With "Scandinavian Leather" Turbonegro return to the rock'n roll world as potent and powerful as never before. The album is essentially a continuation of the path beaten by its predecessor "Apocalypse Dudes" but it presents many more facettes to the sound known as Deathpunk! While the songwriting is reminiscent of the purity and simplicity of the Ramones, the sound is much more multi-layered and refined with ingredients such as pompous string arrangements, utterly harmonic backing vocals, unexpected leaps in frenetic arena rock as well as psychedelic undertones which results in the introduction of the new term "Rainbow Rock": Deathpunk with a pop sensibility if you will!

The album was recorded in november/december 2002 at Crystal Canyon Studios in Oslo and launched on april 28th, 2003 by Burning Heart Records from Sweden.

The skull snake eating its own tail was drawn by Hamburg artist Klaus Voormann, well known for his artwork on The Beatles "Revolver" album in the late 60's. The assumption that the album title is a hidden hint at Los Angeles' punk ensemble The Germs (who had a song entitled "American Leather") is furthered by the sleeve concept that has the snake put in the lower right corner (analogous to the blue circle on The Germs "GI" album sleeve).

The leather digipak CD edition comes with a bonus DVD that contains almost 40 minutes of footage from the res-erection tour and rehearsals & studio sessions for the new album.
The limited LP housed in a leather box includes a one-sided bonus 12" with the elsewhere unreleased song "Silent Roar" - a quiet ballad about the death of a close friend written by Hank. Very few copies were pressed on white vinyl.

LOCKED DOWN   7" + CD single

( 7": Burning Heart BHR 1082, Sweden, 2003 )
incl. Locked Down ; Denim Demon (live)

( CD single: Burning Heart BHR 1081, Sweden, 2003 )
incl. Locked Down ; Gimme Five ; Selfdestructo Bust (live)

UK only single released in august 2003 !! Both formats come with a different live song recorded at Quart festival in july 2002. In addition the cd single has an unreleased outtake from the Scandinavian Leather sessions entitled "Gimme Five" (the bonus DVD of the album includes a brief episode from Crystal Canyon studios where Euroboy plays a manic guitar solo for this song).

On top the cd single copies include a coupon for a contest presented by Burning Heart & Kerrang! rock magazine - with the option to win a unique silver snake ring designed by Klaus Voormann !!

SELL YOUR BODY   7" + CD single

( 7" single: Burning Heart BHR 1086, Sweden, 2003 )
incl. Sell Your Body ; Just Flesh (live)

( CD single: Burning Heart BHR 180, Sweden, 2003 )
incl. Sell Your Body ; The Death Of Me ; Back To Dungaree High (live) ; plus Fuck The World (mpeg video) ; Sell Your Body (mpeg video)

Enhanced cd single released in september 2003 !! Comes with a previously unreleased outtake from the Scandinavian Leather sessions and a further live song from their Res-erection show at the Quart Festival 2002.

Great "zillion dollar" artwork by Are Kleivan with individual dollar designs for each band member on the backside of the sleeve - besides, at Turbonegro's shows in 2003 the Jugend went wild when the money cannon fired loads of these particular dollar bills into the crowd during the song "Sell your body" !!

The slimcase edition includes an extra video session that feat. mpeg promo clips for "Fuck The World" and "Sell Your Body" (please note: the Norwegian-only edition in cardboard sleeve is missing those !!)

The video to "Sell Your Body" was shot in Los Angeles subsequent to their sold out shows in early april 2003 and was directed by Jeff Tremaine of "Jackass" fame. It is starring the band walking with a Grizzly bear (!) and several live sequences recorded at their gigs in San Francisco & Los Angeles.

GET IT ON   7" single

( Must Destroy Records destroyer-9, England, 2003 )

incl. Get It On ; Rock Against Ass

A collectors item released by Must Destroy Records from London: two old hits culled from "Apocalypse Dudes" and put out on this lovely 7" single in july 2003.
Limited to a mere 1000 copies on black vinyl.

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