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  · RECORD RELEASES 2005-2006


( LP, CD: Burning Heart BHR 195, Sweden, 2005 )
( CD + DVD: Burning Heart BHR 1039, Sweden, 2005 )
( CD + DVD: Abacus Recordings ABA 016, USA, 2005 )
( clear vinyl LP: Bitzcore bc 1762, Germany, 2005 )

incl. Intro (The Party Zone) ; All My Friends Are Dead ; Blow Me (Like The Wind) ; City Of Satan ; Death From Above ; Wasted Again ; High On The Crime ; If You See Kaye (Tell Her I L-O-V-E Her) ; Stay Free ; Babylon Forever ; Hot Stuff Hot Shit ; Final Warning + My Name Is Bojan Milankovic (cd-only hidden track)

Announced as the 3rd and final part of the "black trilogy" which began with Apocalypse Dudes in 1998! Here Turbonegro deliver 12 musical punches performed with surgical precision, its lyrical content celebrating the state of confusion, chaos and decline, caused by enterprises in "wars for liberation" or as the result of an excessively alcoholic party weekend. The helmet on the album sleeve represents both aspects of the party zone, shelter and attack.

For the first time is was decided to work with an external producer: the basic tracks were all recorded in november thru december 2004 in Oslo, then finished and mixed in Los Angeles in early 2005 together with Steve McDonald of Redd Kross fame. The album sound appears rather fierce, blunt and with less focus on studio production refinements in comparison to its predecessor "Scandinavian Leather".

Keith Morris (Circle Jerks) and Nick Oliveri (QOTSA) contribute a few lines guest vocals on one song each, and even the Norwegian Kringkastings Orchestra was hired to supply the dark creeping atmosphere for the six-minute long opus "City of Satan", Turbo's ode to their hometown of Oslo.

"Party Animals" was released in Norway already in late april 2005, two weeks earlier than scheduled in order to encounter illegal downloads from several servers in Sweden.


( Burning Heart BHR 2010, Sweden, 2005 )

incl. City Of Satan (radio edit) ; City Of Satan (album version) ; Hi, I Got No Pulse

Scarce promo-only release featuring a radio edit (fades out in the mid of the orchestral part) and the full album version of the title track. Plus one exclusive song which is an outtake of the "Party Animals" recording sessions and was also available for download at Itunes Norway.

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