The original Turboneger lineup formed around christmas 1988 in Oslo, Norway consisting of Thomas Seltzer on bass, Vegard Heskestad, Pål Bøttger Kjærnes and Rune Grønn on guitars, Pål Erik Carlin on vocals and a guy named TK on the drums. 

Thomas and Vegard had formerly shared times in a band called De Dype - a noisy and subversive ensemble equipped with a certain amount of Butthole Surfers inspiration and a disturbing attitude that was basically meant to piss people off. Apparently early Turboneger continued their conceptional styles.

An explanation for the band's controversal name - once offered by Thomas - states:
"A Turbonegro is a large, well equipped, armed black male, in a fast car, out for VENGEANCE. We are his prophets.".

First rehearsals were made during the winter of 1988/89 being followed by their first ever gig at Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Denmark in late march and their Oslo stage debut in april 1989 . In the subsequent weeks they began recording songs for their debut single Route Zero and the Turboloid 12" both to be released on Straitjacket - a 'free' label that had been called into being by Thomas Seltzer back in 1983. The early pre-deathpunk Turboneger sound featured here offers fairly tormented and distorted noise rock (some contemporary reviews compare to a Halo Of Flies or early Mudhoney type-of-sound).

Early TRBNGR in their rehearsal room:
Vegard, Pål-Erik and Thomas

In september 1990 TRBNGR set up for a three-weeks-tour in the United States that eventually broke the band. Rune had been beaten up in a quarrel with some crackheads in front of a hotel in Minneapolis - just a few hours after their arrival in the US. Further incidents include a roadie becoming involved in a murder at a party in Sacramento attended by the Turbo boys and Vegard hanging out with a stripper who revealed to be the daughter of beat poet Jack Kerouac (?!? - hmm, not too sure about this). However, the first Turboneger line-up soon disbanded after being back in Oslo.

Record releases 1989 / 90 :

Route Zero  7"

( Straitjacket Records SRS 003 / Norway / 1989 )

incl. Route Zero; Want You Right Now (orig. MC5)

Turbo's first recordings from april 1989 recorded at Nesodden Musikkverksted by longtime accompanying studio and live sound engineer Christian Calmeyer. Original drummer TK didn't show up for the recording session so Thomas took over for the drums on Route Zero.
Limited to 500 copies pink vinyl. Initial 50 copies came with an exclusive demo tape called 'COMPUTECH' including 'Killer Penis' & a cover of the Stooges' '1970' from their first ever rehearsal.
Since this is their debut disc - enjoy this little feature !

Turboloid 12"

( Straitjacket Records SRS 004 / Norway / 1990 )

incl. You Had It Coming; Let's Go To Mars; Flowerbox; Cockwork; Love In My Veins

Second and last release by the very original Turboneger line-up recorded at Endless Sound in Oslo nov / dec '89. Carlos Carrasco plays the drums on these recordings, he later left to join Anal Babes on guitar. Two songs included here will later show up on the flip of the Route Zero re-issue on Sympathy. Limited edition of 1000 (?) copies.

Route Zero  7" ep ( US edition )

( Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI 68 / USA / 1990 )

incl. Route Zero; Cockwork; Flowerbox

Sympathy's Long Gone John issued Route Zero backed with two songs off their Turboloid EP for TRB's 1990 US tour with red, pink or yellow tinged 'Turboloid' sleeves and in various vinyl colours (at least there surfaced copies in black, red & pink vinyl).