In the winter of 1990/91 Thomas Seltzer (now on drums) reformed TRBNGR with Pål and Rune. Norwegian punk veteran Harald Fossberg who had acquired fame in the late 70's with norwegian punk pioneers Hærverk was recruited as the new singer and in the subsequent months Bengt 'Bingo' Calmeyer joined them on bass guitar. 

Bengt & Thomas had already teamed up in their early teens in Akutt Innleggelse, a band that amazingly had tracks released on Pushead's 'Cleanse the Bacteria' LP and Mykel Board's 'World Class Punk' compilation tape. In 1983 Thomas had started the label Straitjacket Records to release Akutt Innleggelse's first & only 7". Throughout the following years Straitjacket put out a couple of further singles by various Oslo bands as well as the debut of TRBNGR of course.

In the summer of 1991 the reformed lineup released the Vaya Con Satan  7" in the US being followed in early 1992 by their debut album Hot Cars And Spent Contraceptives on up-coming local label Big Ball Records. Both the single and the CD give an early introduction to the Deathpunk sound - Turbo's self acclaimed very own genre. Actually the musical pre-settings are already anticipating later 'Ass Cobra' era - dark death driven punk rock with occasional excursions into hardcore and metal as well as a certain tendency to disruptive and sarcastic lyrics.

Rune, Pål, Thomas, Bingo, Harry

Swedish broadcasting DJ Lars Allman once described their sound as "Radio Birdman meets Venom in an institution for sexually abused retards" and Denish Moshable magazine remarked back then: "One great big hunk of an album that simply barfs up the best in Scandinavian punk rock - and then slam it into overdrive. So fucking punk that it will tear you a new asshole - and then some!"

In december '92 Turboneger set up for an after all quite ruinous tour outside of Norway: having had money left from a grant they went for one gig confirmed in Ålborg, Denmark then heading south to Hamburg, Germany where they stranded in desperate and finally in vein search for an opportunity to play. Rune: "We just sat in the apartments of various pot-smokers in Hamburg mostly reading cartoons. The cartoon about Reid Fleming, the world's toughest milkman, had the greatest impact on me." After 5 days the band ran out of money but their efforts were not a complete waste as contacts were made with Gravy Train Agency who organized a lot of subsequent tours for Turbo outside of scandinavia in later years as well as the people from Crypt Records.

Record releases 1991 / 92 :

Vaya Con Satan  7"

( Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI 143 / 1991 )

incl.  Vaya Con Satan; Zonked Out On Hashish; Hand Of Love

First sign of life following their reformation in early 1991. In fact the birth of Turbonegro's very own genre 'Deathpunk'. The sleeve is a reference to early 80's English black metal gods VENOM 'Welcome to hell' LP. Ole Martinsen plays bass on this recording. Sympathy issued the single in black, yellow, blue and pink vinyl. 45RPM instructions from a secret carved message: 'Have Dong Will Travel' !

Hot Cars And Spent Contraceptives  CD

( Big Ball Records BBR-004 / Norway / 1992 )

incl. Librium Love; Punk Pals; Kiss The Knife; Vaya Con Satan; Hot Cars; Clenched Teeth; New Wave Song; Nadsat Comes Easy; Zonked Out (On Hashish); I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls; Prima Moffe (orig. Leather Nun's Prime Mover)

Debut album recorded by Craig Morris & Audun Strype in nov'91 to feb'92 - released on Oslos Big Ball Records. Limited edition of 1000 copies. Includes re-recorded versions of the entire three songs from their above mentioned SFTRI single as well as the great 'Destructive Girls' which was the last ever song Turbonegro played on stage at their farewell show in Oslo, december 1998. The insert photo shows the band in perfect Kraftwerk-style pose.
Big Ball's David Gurrik in a retrospective comment on the CD: "What can I say. The 'Primemover' version is terrible, awful. But the rest is some of the best aggro / punk / noise since the Rude Kids."

Helta Skelta  CD

( Repulsion Records RE 015-2 / Germany / 1993 )

incl. Librium Love; Suburban Anti-Christ; Armed And Fairly Well Equipped; Vaya Con Satan; Punk Pals; New Wave Song; Manimal; Dark Secret Girl; Hot Cars; Clenched Teeth; Nadsat Comes Easy; Kiss The Knife; Zonked Out (On Hashish); I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls + 'A Career In Indierock'

German reissue of the 'Hot Cars' debut CD with a couple of tracks added in a limited edition of 1500 copies. This 'continental' edition was initially supposed to be released on French Intellectual Convulsion label, but they dropped and the revised album got issued by German Repulsion whose Marc Richter - "a stupid kraut junkie & paisley shirt owner" - was also responsible for the disaster on Turbo's first attempt to tour Europe: "I have not arranged any dates, I have been in hospital", he told the band 5 days before they were to leave Oslo. However 'Helta Skelta' contains the exclusive audio play 'A career in indie rock', a bitter story of a young man surrendering the seductive policies of corporate music industry.

The sleeve depicts a portrait of palastinian immigrant Sirhan Sirhan, the suspected and sentenced murderer of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. Political assassin references continue on the back that features a photo of John Hinckley - who failed to shoot Ronald Reagan in 1981 - pointing a gun to his head.