Singer Harry finally had to quit due to serious illness and performed his last gig for Turbo in late march '93 at Sentrum Scene, Oslo. Since then Hans Erik Husby - nick-named Hertis or Hertugen as well (and later of course famous as Hank Von Helvete) - was chosen to become the new vocalist. Hanky - according to Happy-Tom: "A self-centered complainer. He fit right in!" - tried to quit twice but he was not allowed to do so ! "You guys better stop picking on me" he said at a crucial band-meeting through tears ... there has been several band-meetings.

Due to a new singer decisions were made to rename to STIERKAMPF ( the german word for 'bull-fight' ) - a change that apparently caused slight trouble for the band being suspected of 'crypto-nazism'. Offerings for gigs were refused, nevertheless they played a few shows as support for Poison Idea in Oslo ( Hanky's stage debut in april '93 too ! ), on the 1st of may in Copenhagen, Denmark & as support for The Ramones in august '93 at the Oslo Rock Festival. 

Stierkampf - Turbonegro :
Pål, Rune, Bingo, Happy-Tom & Hertugen

The only release from that period has been the Grunge Whore EP on Sympathy. Its title is meant as some kind of reckoning with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana incl. precise predictions on his rockstar suicide which actually was to follow one year later ! In fact Turbo had once confronted the Nirvana singer at the Oslo Kalvøya Festival in 1992 that was headlined by his band. Turbonegro and Kung-Fu Girls were performing at the aftershow party and it is reported that Kurt escaped the party desperately holding his hands clamped to his ears after giving Turbo a listen for a couple of songs. In an interview for a greek fanzine Turboneger adviced the readers not to participate in the current Seattle grunge boom: "Remember that of e-v-e-r-y Nirvana or Alice In Chains record sold, one dollar of gold goes to the CIA's weapon's operations!" 

Members of the Deathpunk commando-raid :
Pål, Bingo, Rune, Hanky and Happy-Tom

In early 1994 their second album Never Is Forever was self-released with a friend at Oslo Musikk Distribusjon. In their own irritating words announced as "a tribute to Blue Oyster Cult" it is an attempt to dissociate from the Lo-Fi estethics of the garage scene: "When the rest of the punk oriented world tried hard to be lo-fi and 'real', Turbonegro as usual went the opposite way, creating a miniature suburban deathpunk opera. Seldom have pop culture, darkness and desperation blended so well." (Bitzcore). Its release was followed by their first european tour nick-named "Nihil Jung" in january - february 1994 with 17 shows booked in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.

Record releases 1993 / 94 :

(He's A) Grunge Whore  10" EP

( Sympati For Dildo Industrien SFTRI 254 / USA / 1993 )

incl. Grunge Whore; Black Chrome; Timebomb; Pain In Der Arsch, Pocket Full Of Cash; Six Pack (orig. Black Flag)

Only release from the few months period in 1993 when they renamed to STIERKAMPF. Member pseudonymes named here are Herr Tugen, Bongo, Bingo, L. Ron Bud and Brune. The first four songs will surface again on the "Never Is Forever" album - except the Black Flag cover featuring Eugene Chadbourne on twin banjo and former singer Harald Fossberg on vocals which is exclusive to this release. 

Never Is Forever  CD

( Dog Job Records APCLPS2001 / Norway / 1994 )

incl. Letter From Your Mamma; Suburban Prince's Death; Übermensch; I Will Never Die; No Beast So Fierce; Destination: Hell; Timebomb; Pain In Der Arsch, Pocket Full Of Cash; Hush Earthling; Nihil Sleighride; Grunge Whore; Black Chrome; Oslo Bloodbath Part 2: I Don't Care; Oslo Bloodbath Part 3: The Ballad Of Gerda And Tore + 'Satan Och Kapitalet'

Turbonegro's self-released great second album, recorded by Christian Calmeyer from march to december 1993 at Nesodden Musikkverksted, released in an edition of 1200 copies. Here the Turbo's deliver way more melodic tunes along with bitter tales of suburban desperation and darkness. The lineup is introduced as: Hanky, Panky, Loonie, Toonie & Happy Tom - actually the same gang that later recorded "Ass Cobra".

Four songs from the "Grunge Whore" EP are also included here. As well as a hidden track that features Bingo singing "Staten Och Kapitalet", a 70's radical left-wing folkrock tune made into a national hit song in Sweden in 1980 by punkrock band EBBA GRØN, plus bits of Evel Knievel performing a couple of country ballads.

Although the recording sessions took place at a time when they had opted for "Stierkampf" they returned to their former name Turbonegro again for the album release. Its initial working title "Diary From A Female Prison" was later switched to "Never Is Forever", the chorus line from the song "Nihil sleighride" - a tune with evident references to Blue Öyster Cult's "Don't fear the reaper".