In winter 1994/95 Turbonegro had run through a brief episode of making up with afro wigs and painted faces - something that is refered to as the 'Al Jolson schtick' - which actually caused a couple of bizarre situations. Happy Tom remembers: "So there we were backstage with our black faces and wigs and little hats, smoking pot with our all-time heroes the Bad Brains, and the absurdity just didn't cross our minds. I mean, those guys didn't mention it, they were probably just embarrassed on our behalf."

Turbonegro-Afro-Wig-Look in early '95 :
Bingo, Pål, Hanky, Happy-Tom + Rune

The afro joke was dropped in may '95 at a gig in Oslo where the Turbo boys were entirely dressing up in sharp bulging denim complete with smart moustaches: "We feel that denim out-rocks leather at all levels. Leather is for empty, little people. Denim is for us big guys! And the kids LOVE it!" - as Happy Tom remarks on the superiority of the dark blue denim wear.

The improved & sexier image demanded a new sound as well !! Then recording engineer Chris Calmeyer states: "Even though we were in many respects happy with 'Never Is Forever', also musically, the band never sounded that way live. So, very early in the recording of the string of singles that forms 'Ass Cobra', we decided to make things more raw, trying to convey the power of the live performance, if not the sound." First fruits of the current recording sessions showed up on the fabulous Denim Demon and Bad Mongo singles released in spring '95. 

The denim recruits - greasy and telephone hookin':
Bingo, Rune. Hanky, Pål and Happy-Tom

In the summer of 1995 Turbonegro left europe again for their second tour in the USA entitled 'NAMBLIN in the 90'ies' that included eleven shows with talented luminaries such as Candy Snatchers, Ed Hall, The Gynecologists, Plainfield and even Pig Champion of Poison Idea who joined in on a couple of songs in Eugene, Oregon. Happy-Tom comprises: "At least we didn't get the shit kicked out of us like we did the last time we were in the USA".

In the fall of '95 Bingo finally decided to quit because he didn't like the direction Turbo was developing to musically - "less Slayer, more rock'n'roll". Pål was fed up with playing and wanted to travel. Thomas at the same time was suffering from some stress injury to his arms after the US tour - thus agreements were made to put the band on ice for a while. 

Record releases 1995 :

Denim Demon  7"

( Munster Records # 7069 / Spain / 1994 )

incl. Denim Demon; I fucked Betty Page

The evident ignition song for Turbonegro's denim 'concept' released by Spanish Munster label. The current line-up features Tom of Norway, Hanky El Magnifico, Bingo El Bailar, Bod El Stud and quite funny 'Rune Protrude' which is probably meant as a side-swipe at big-mouthed Fuzztones' frontman Rudi Protrudi - a popular target for Turbo's biting remarks on the state of the current 'garage scene': "They are just a bunch of ex-goth untermensch who got involved in what they think is rock because they are sexually attracted to Rudi Protrudi".

The back sleeve shows a pic of Turbonegro's fairly unknown afro wig look. Munster re-issued this single in 1998 due to public demand. 

Bad Mongo  7"

( Bovine Records BO-25 / USA / 1995 )

incl. Bad Mongo; Hobbit Motherfuckers; Mobile Home (orig. The Lewd)

Next in line in the string of singles, this time on Sean Bovine's label. Sean's comment on 'Hobbit Motherfuckers' says: "This song has something for everyone!" - guess, this refers to the razor-sharp and uncompromising lyrics that reveal the bitter truth about today's youth (or sth similar).
Plus a great cover of the LEWD's 'Mobile home' song - besides, Happy-Tom wrote a piece on how he once got introduced to this song (amidst party booze and his buddy fondling bigger girls' breasts) in the liner notes of the official re-issue of THE LEWD's recorded material, the 'Kill Yourself' CD on Chuckie Boy.
All three songs are included on Ass Cobra as well.  


Stinky Fingers  10" (split EP with Flying Crap)

( Fatal Erection # 8 / USA / 1995 )

Turboneger side incl. Midnight NAMBLA; Denim Demon; It's Deathtime; Just Flesh
Flying Crap side incl. So Sick; Heroin; Toilet Love; Search & Destroy (orig. Iggy And The Stooges)

GREAT release on the legendary Fatal Erection label from Eugene,OR that has put out records since ca. 1983 - among others the early vinyl of Poison Idea. Maximum Rock'n'roll's overwhelming review rates this record to be "the nastiest thing to emerge from Satan's panty waistline since the Stooges' Raw Power in 1973 !".

Again all 4 TRB songs are included on Ass Cobra but this 10" is also notable and recommended for TRB's norwegian fellows Flying Crap from Kristianssand, who recorded their loud and angry punk rock songs with Slayer-Hippy from Poison Idea in Portland, OR.

The record sleeve delivers a mighty Tom-Of-Finland inspired revision of the Rolling Stones 'Sticky Fingers' album from 1972 - feat. a safety-pinned glans peeping out from the waistline and sperm dripping down from the denim pants (these rather explitcit details can be discovered on the back-folded parts of the sleeve). A limited edition of 1000 copies on blue splattered vinyl.
Oh yes, btw - NAMBLA is the abbreviation for 'North American Man Boy Love Association' ! 


Turbonegro / Anal Babes  split 7"

(Big Ball Records BBR-013 / Norway / 1995)
(reissued by Incognito Records INC-101 / Germany / 1997)

Turbonegro side incl. Flabby Sagging Flesh (orig. Anal Babes)
Anal Babes side incl. It's Deathtime (orig. Turbonegro)

A split 7" with like-minded Oslo punk provocateures Anal Babes. Each band covers one original song of the other - Anal Babes show up with a brutal and sick version of Turbo's 'Deathtime'. It has been originally released in an edition of 300 copies on purple vinyl with a xerox-ed sleeve showing a photo of a family party at Rune's with his father Aslar (norwegian jazz musician) playing saxophone. German Incognito Records re-issued this 7" in 1997 with a cardboard sleeve on black vinyl. 

I Got Erection  7"

( Hit Me! Records 7395 hits / Norway / 1995 )

incl. I Got Erection; Jeg Vil Bli Som Jesus ( orig. Kjøtt )

Another hit from Ass Cobra previously released on Oslo's Hit Me! Records. Front cover could be Turbo's take on the Beatles 'Abbey Road' sleeve with Hanky and Bingo crossing an Oslo street. The tune on the flip is a weird cover of a song from the first 12" by Norway's early 80's punk/new wave heroes KJØTT and features Eugene Chadbourne ( of former Shockabilly fame ) on vocals singing in norwegian !
This single has been released in different editions with the name TURBONEGER printed in green or red letters.