With the departure of Pål and Bingo finally Thomas switched back to his original position on bass guitar. Therefore former Angst-member Anders Gerner became the new drummer and thee amazing 21 years old Gitarren-Wunderkind Knut Schreiner - soon to be introduced as 'Euroboy' - stepped in as the new lead guitarist. Knut had been playing before with Thomas in The Vikings and is furthermore fronting his own sensational combo Kåre & The Cavemen. In the summer of '96 Pål returned from Thailand and opened his famous 'Pamparius' pizza parlour in Kolbotn outside of Oslo. A few time later he rejoined for an updated engagement as keyboard player and 'dancer' which in fact allowed him more opportunities for getting drunk at gigs. 

In late 1995 Turbonegro had run into Anthony X. Martin, who had formerly worked for the German Glitterhouse label and had recently moved to Hamburg to manage the european distribution office for Amphetamine Reptile Records - located next door to the CRYPT record-store 'Cool And Crazy' in Hamburgs red light district St.Pauli.

Obviously overwhelmed after listening to a tape passed on occasion he heralded in an early newsletter: "I just founded my new label Boomba Records. Its first release will be Ass Cobra, the third output of longtime advocates of bad taste - Turbonegro from Oslo. Brutal & straight punkrock stuffed with killer hooks. The Turbos lately stopped here on their way to Bremen, Germany and left a tape that totally blew me away. In an era of emocore and sensitive shitpunk, Turbonegro display a unique refreshing explosion of ugliness in league with a twisted sense of humour."

Turbonegro at the FRANK Records Festival in Ludvika / Sweden, october '96 - Hank with the Norwegian flag shouldered !!

The release of their AWESOME album Ass Cobra in spring 1996 and the subsequent highly successfull european promo tour in september (with 8 dates in Germany plus one each in Groningen/NL, Copenhagen/DK & Prague/Czechia) finally got Turbonegro the indeed long deserved resonance. The apparently absurd idea of putting denimized Village People looks and a notorious Tom Of Finland fixation into punk rock context equally irritated and fascinated - and simultanously set middle-european underground into a feverish Turbo-euphoria. Punk rock lovers and reviewers aller Länder unanimously agreed on the simple fact that this must be one of the best punk rock records of the nineties - if not ever !!!

...some contemporary remarks: "The very best in obnoxious drunk punk, already a classic buy-or-die thing!" (Moshable) - "Ass Cobra sports 14 tracks of the most brutal punkrock I've had the pleasure of hearing. This is punk cooked to perfection ! A real blast of rudeness at a time when it is appreciated most. Tracks like 'Denim Demon' and 'Sailor Man' drive home the Turbos new found fascination with denim, bondage and discipline !" (Boomba) - "Each song is a little masterpiece full of rage, non-pc-lyrics, anger, incredible power and ready to piss people off..." (Bitzcore) - "Thee punk album of the decade, according to leading publications" (Rob Nero Tug, Turbo press officer)

Full ass-rocket action !!! Euroboy, Hanky and Happy-Tom tearing the place apart !

In december/january Turbonegro continued spreading the deathpunk seeds on a tour with further 14 dates in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Denmark. The insignia of their stage performance - the bulging denim, Hanky's routine to stick a lit roman candle up his ass, Happy-Tom's sailor hat, Euroboy's lissom and sultry guitar choreography & Hanky's attempts in addressing the audience in their broken native tongue - sort of became the Turbo trademark for the upcoming boom.

Record releases 1996 :

Ass Cobra  LP / CD - european edition

( Boomba Records boomba-001 / Germany / 1996 )

incl. A Dazzling Display Of Talent; Midnight NAMBLA; Deathtime; Black Rabbit; Denim Demon; Bad Mongo; Mobile Home (orig. The Lewd); I Got Erection; Just Flesh; Hobbit Motherfuckers; Sailorman; Turbonegro Hate The Kids; Imorgen Skal Eg Daue; Raggare Is A Bunch Of Motherfuckers (orig. Rude Kids)

The 3rd album (released may '96) collects the majority of songs from their previous string of singles and adds a couple of new tracks that have all been recorded throughout late 94 to dec. 1995 by Chris Calmeyer - except 'I Morgen...' & 'Raggare' as well as 'Young boys feet' on the Sympathy edition that were derived from a session with Sean Bovine during their '95 US tour.

The sleeve misuses the original layout of the Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds' album - actually achieving way more dangerous aura with a fairly sinister shot of dubious looking guys and their dog. The liner notes on the back are written by 'Whiskey Rebel' Phil Irwin of 'Confederacy Of Scum' activists RANCID VAT !

The brief telephone call episode preluding 'Just flesh' was a joke Happy-Tom turned on to Norwegian Progress Records, that just had released an Israelvis album to which former CRASS singer Steve Ignorant had contributed. Here Happy-Tom introduces himself as Mr. Ignorant in persona out on a war for royalties insisting to receive the cheque ...

Prince Of The Rodeo  7"

( Hit Me! Records 7996 hits / Norway / 1996 )

incl. Prince Of The Rodeo; Toodlepip Fuck

Euroboy's recording debut for Turbonegro on this GREAT single from late '96 ! The a-side features a rougher take of the rodeo-song with a special fanfares & horses intro. 'Toodlepip fuck' on the flip is a straight forward punk 'boogie' tune in the vein of late Stooges 'Cock in my pocket' fueled by Pål's cool piano jingling.

Rumours claim that this single was originally supposed to be issued on Frank Kozik's Man's Ruin Records ! The back of the sleeve shows a photo of His Majesty Haakon Magnus, Prince of Norway, and his longtime friend and advisor Happy Tom, King of Bass-guitar !!! A few copies appeared on blue coloured vinyl ...

Ass Cobra  CD - american edition

( Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI 385 / 1997 )

incl. A Dazzling Display Of Talent; Midnight NAMBLA; Deathtime; Black Rabbit; Denim Demon; Bad Mongo; Mobile Home (orig. The Lewd); I Got Erection; Just Flesh; Screwed And Tattoed; Hobbit Motherfuckers; Sailorman; Turbonegro Hate The Kids; I Morgen Skal Eg Daue; Raggare Is A Bunch Of Motherfuckers (orig. Rude Kids); Young Boys Feet (orig. The Dicks)

Compact disc only US edition incl. 2 bonus tracks 'Screwed and tattoed' + 'Young boys feet' released in february 1997. Doesn't include the lyrics and photos of the original Boomba version, furthermore the original 'naked boy' photo on the back sleeve has been replaced by a shot of a bloodcovered death cell !