Back In The Game - two features just in right in time for their three upcoming shows in Australia: Tony Sylvester is interviewed by the barman of the long running I-94 bar and Happy Tom was called up for a chat in Oslo by Beat Magazine !!




Video Clip For "I Got A Knife" Released - this friday Turbonegro Headquarters have released the great new video for "I Got A Knife" - enjoy it here at noisey.vice !!

The german site of noisey.vice have also published a chat with Tony and Happy Tom held before their club gig in Berlin this month where they are also sharing a few details about the new video - what the reasons were that led to the choice of this song and that it was actually shot at the Niagara club in Manhattan that also sports the original leather cap neon sign which adorns the sleeve of Sexual Harassment.
Other topics include giving Negative Approach the grand tour of the Oslo nightlife when they played in Norway (they just completed their European tour in october, and judging by the photo posted there it had quite an exhausting effect on John Brannon) as well as career advices received from Happy Tom's mother for omitting foul and obscene language in favor of increasing the potential number of 'supporters' and much more …
A really nice read - over here at noisey.vice/de (in German) !!

Three days later Turbonegro were interviewed by the Austinist at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX - read Tom's and Tony's lowdown on their appreciation for The Dictators, why the wouldn't fancy to hang out with John Lydon or Adam Ant, and their motto "Keep on rocking in the semi-free world" - here !!

And don't miss this footage from the recent UK tour - Thrash Hits are providing a review, photos and setlist of Turbonegro's show in London 3 days ago !! Apparently they are currently finishing shows with a cover of that old Pere Ubu song, "Final Solution".




Westend Festival Gig on TV - famous German TV show Rockpalast have recorded Turbonegro's recent gig at the Westend Festival in Dortmund earlier this month and will broadcast the show via WDR on monday, december 3 very early in the morning starting at 0:15 am CET. Included are also the other bands which have played that same night like Danko Jones, Smoke Blow and Durango Riot. More info here at WDR Rockpalast !!




I Got A Knife - a few weeks prior to tonight's Turbonegro show at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas, local magazine Rank & Revue held an interview with Happy Tom on how they recruited Tony as the new singer, the making and recording of Sexual Harassment, and are even touching some rather unconventional topics this time such as men's underwear, the moustache ride market and Klaus Nomi vs Nina Hagen - read more over here at Rank & Revue !!

In an interview with VG Tony talks about the recent shooting of their forthcoming video for "I Got A Knife" in New York City. The plot is settled in a dark and gloomy backstreet, knives [sic] and black leather play an important part in creating that peculiar aura of danger - "a pre-Giuliani New York mixed with boys in leather", as Tony states.

The video is directed and produced by Andy Capper, editor of Vice magazine, and an old friend of Tony from England to boot: "I know Andy for more than 20 years. We were playing in different bands and used to meet each other at gigs. I was living in London while he was living in Liverpool, so whenever we played a show near him we always used to stay at his parents home. It was a wonderful time." Find a few photos and the rest of the interview here at !!




Were Your Parents Hippies? - if you missed the recent summer issue of German OX fanzine check out their online archive for this brand-new interview with Tony Sylvester (in German) - topics are among others his activities prior to Turbo, how he got involved with the band and developed his own stage persona, and why researching a Chicago house track inspired the title of their new album.

The latter is also explained in a brief talk with Happy-Tom conducted by Do415 at their show at Slim's in San Francisco some weeks ago, in addition he elaborates on meeting Paris Hilton, Volcom and "Angry Tom".

Turbonegro have just resumed their "Sexual Harassment" tour in Norway, coming next is their show in Oslo on friday where they are supported by black metal band Okkultokrati and hardcore ensemble Haraball who besides share their guitarist Trond with Knut's other band Mirror Lakes. A couple of further shows for the next year are already announced for Norway in Kristiansand and Bergen for early march of 2013 - details here.




Interview with Happy-Tom - L.A.Record have published a great new interview with Happy-Tom where he elaborates on his black metal childhood friends, mid-fidelity and perfectionism, details on that first show with Tony at the Turbojugend gathering last year, Randy Newman, Clockwork Orange make-up and the nature of Deathpunk plus much more - enjoy here !!

Dig these collection of photos and reviews from Turbonegro's recent US shows:

  House Of Vans, Brooklyn, NY:
  House Of Vans, Brooklyn, NY:
  House Of Vans, Brooklyn, NY:
  FYF Fest, Los Angeles, CA: (scroll to bottom of page)

Mirror Lakes - before Turbonegro will continue their "Sexual Harassment" tour with a variety of domestic club shows in october, Knut "Euroboy" Schreiner will play a couple of gigs in Norway with his other band Mirror Lakes in the forthcoming weeks:

20 September   -   Union Scene, Drammen
21 September   -   St.Croix Huset, Fredrikstad
27 September   -   Martinique, Stavanger
28 September   -   Tegleverket, Bergen
29 September   -   Jimmy Legs, Haugesund
4 October         -   Parkteatret, Oslo
5 October         -   Samfundet, Trondheim




Close-Up Boatshow - this is obviously a little less intimate event than Turbo's boat show on the Thames some nine years ago but hot and sweaty nonetheless: Swedish rock magazine Close-Up are inviting to Europe's craziest heavy metal cruise with Turbonegro on board among others. The boat will leave Stockholm, Sweden, on November 15 for Turku, Finland, and return the following day. More details and ticket information over here at Close-Up Magazine !!

And here are a couple of further reviews concerning Sexual Harassment :

  NME (UK): "with Tony at the helm, they sound like a band reinvigorated" - more
  Laut (Germany): "…dem Deathpunk wieder so richtig Leben eingehaucht" - more
  Persona Non Grata (Germany): "… dieser Spirit des Fiesen und Gefährlichen" - more
  Vampster (Germany): "vorbei der Glam, der Deathpunk ist wieder da" - more
  Drowned In Sound: "most consistently punk-sounding album for some time" - more
  RBB Fritz Radio (Germany): "Gelungenes Comeback!" - more
  Demonic Nights (Austria): "33 Minuten Rock mit Dreck, Biss und Denim" - more
  Caughtinthecrossfire (UK): "finest and most adrenalized record in a decade" - more




… To Turbonegro And Superstardom - in an interview with American AMP Magazine Tony Sylvester provides a comprehensive lowdown on his musical background and involvements as vocalist (and bass player) in a variety of UK hardcore ensembles since the early nineties, his impressions of Turbonegro when he first held a copy of "Ass Cobra" in his hands and saw them play in London in 1998, how he became friends with the band and Turbo picked him to become the new vocalist plus plenty of details on the making and recording of "Sexual Harassment". A great and extensive read over here at AMP Magazine !!

And more sparkling photo footage from some of Turbo's recent festival gigs:

  West Coast Riot (Sweden) :
  Rock La Roca (Germany) : (scroll to bottom of page)




Throwing Bottles - England's Guardian has published an interview with Tony Sylvester and Happy Tom with many details on the decline of the old Turbonegro with Hank and the whereabouts on how their line-up with the Duke of Nothing materialized - read here !!

Well, Vice brought you some live clips from their secret gig in Oslo some months ago. Here is some more, an interview held at the same occasion with Tony and Happy Tom touching subjects like how their audience receives the new album and vocalist, curse and blessing of the homo image, sex change, reality television, Clockwork Orange and retrosexuality to name a few. Really good fun, read more over here at Vice's new music channel Noisey (in German language)!!

So, Sexual Harassment will finally physically hit the streets outside of Scandinavia on august 7. Here are some more statements from the rock'n'roll concerned world:

  The Quietus (UK) : "their greatest album in some fourteen years" - more
  Soulseller (Germany): "in extremely good shape - a great punk rock album" - more
  Ave Noctem (UK): "Turbonegro's fan base will be happy with this result" - more

Furthermore, the upcoming august print-issues of Germany's OX Fanzine and Visions Magazine will feature brand-new interviews with Turbonegro.




Live In Sweden - don't miss this splendid photo gallery by the ever great rockfoto site covering Turbonegro's performance at the Peace & Love Festival in Sweden last friday. On the same occasion Swedish tabloid Expressen met Happy Tom and Tony for a small chat including topics such as Turbo's relationship to Sweden ("just like IKEA's Ivar shelves each Swedish household owns a copy of Apocalypse Dudes") among others, read more over here !!

The july issue of Metal Hammer (Germany) features an interview with Turbonegro, an excerpt of it can be viewed here !!




Sexual Harassment Continued - the Midlands Rocks Radio have just launched an entertaining audio interview held with Happy-Tom and Tony Sylvester at the Download Festival two weeks ago, allow yourself some ten minutes of leisure and listen here !!

Well, if you have enjoyed the livestream of "Hellfest" in France, this small but fine selection of pics published by Photo-Live-Ouest will add to the magic, beautiful shots of the band and Tony returning in king's robe for the encore, très magnifique.

And some further reviews hustling their way through the internet lately:

  Fine Print (USA) : "hungry again, erring far more in deathpunk sound of old" - more
  Hit The Floor (UK): "bloody, unfiltered punk genius." - more
  Crows'n'Bones: "recipe for rock Valhalla" - more
  Pamparius (USA) : "short, sweet and memorable" - more




Sexual Harassment - so "Sexual Harassment" has been unleashed on the public this wednesday as digital download for purchase on Itunes, Emusic et al. Please note that CD and LP formats published by Volcom Ent. are postponed to august 7th, but Volcom is providing a preview of things to come, very rad stuff like a pale flesh colored vinyl edition in denim sleeve (!!) and pink vinyl edition in gatefold glow-in-the-dark jacket. These are already available for pre-ordering, and an immediate download of the album is included with each pre-order: check out Volcom Ent. for details!!

"Sexual Harassment" already hit number 1 of the Norwegian Itunes charts on its day of release, here are a couple of further reviews:

  Dagbladet (Norway) : "den renovasjonen er udiskutabelt forfriskende" - more
  VG (Norway) : "Mye rock, lite LOL - men Turbonegers beste på lenge" - more
  Aftenposten (Norway): "mer energisk rock enn mørk deathpunk" - more
  Side2 Norway) : "Fansen har ingen grunn til å bekymre seg over stilbrudd" - more
  Gaffa (Sweden): "Turbonegro låter bättre än de någonsin gjort" - more
  Beard Rock (UK): "that creaming was not in vain - the album is excellent" - more
  Überrock (UK): "the masters of death punk are sexier than ever" - more
  MXDWN (USA): "its heaviest and most accessible album to date" - more
  PunkNews: "ass-kicking, face-punching, booty-shaking slice of rock'n'roll" - more

In addition Side2 have published a short feature incl. interview excerpts with Tony, Happy-Tom and Euroboy plus a couple of new photos of the band - check out here !

Live Shows From Sweden And France - so if you missed the recent livestreams of Turbonegro's shows at the release party in Stockholm or at the Hellfest in France, do not despair, they have been archived and are available online:

• Turbonegro in Stockholm, Sweden 13/06/2012 :
playing in the terrace of Hotel Lydmar at their record release party, short but sweet set incl. Hello Darkness / Mister Sister / I Got A Knife / You Give Me Worms / The Nihilistic Army / Shake Your Shit Machine / Get It on / Back To Dungaree High / (encore:) Age Of Pamparius. Turbo enter stage at the 17th minute of the livestream.

Brought to you by Svenska Inspelningar (Universal Music Sweden) - watch here !!

• Turbonegro at Hellfest, France 15/06/2012 :
great performance of Tony & the boys, for the encore Tony returns to the stage in full regalia with crown and union jack kings robe. Their set includes All My Friends Are Dead / The Nihilistic Army / You Give Me Worms / I Got A Knife / Mister Sister / Wasted Again / Fuck The World / TRBNGR Must Be Destroyed / Hello Darkness / Get It On / Back To Dungaree High / (encore:) Age Of Pamparius / Denim Demon / I Got Erection.

Brought to you by Arte Live Web + Hellfest TV - watch here !!




Turbonegro Live In France - Turbonegro's show at the Hellfest in France tonight can be watched live on the internet via Hellfest TV ca. 7:25 pm - do not miss!! Many thanks to Marlon from France for the hint!!




Sexual Harassment - Turbonegro's upcoming show at the album releaseparty in Stockholm on june 13 will be broadcasted on the internet and can be watched live over here at Universal Music Norway next wednesday.

In addition Turbojugends from Finland to Mexico will celebrate the launch of "Sexual Harassment" with pre-listening parties. Move over to Turbonegro HQ who are providing all the necessary details.

Besides, Turbonegro have just released the video for their latest single "You Give Me Worms" which compiles scenes of their recent headline show at Off The Wall Festival in Varazze, Italy. Check out, for ex here again at Universal Norway, or try




Hello Darkness - The Pit have launched a raving review of Turbonegro's show at the Rock Hard Festival in Germany two weeks ago complete with setlist and extensive photo gallery with real high quality pics, don't hesitate to check out these links:

- The Pit - Turbonegro @ Rock Hard Festival : review & setlist
- The Pit - Turbonegro @ Rock Hard Festival : photo gallery




Live In Oslo - Vice Germany have posted a short report on Turbonegro's recent Oslo show two weeks ago, an exclusive gig in the basement of Comfort Hotel Xpress where they performed live a selection of songs from their new album "Sexual harassment" among others. The Vice people offer two cuts, a new track called "Mister Sister" and their immortal classic "Get It On" - watch over here at !!

Already a few reviews for "Sexual harassment" are flying in, read fond words channeled via Adequacy and Broken Beard magazines.

German fans take note: in july WDR Rockpalast will broadcast a three hours review of the highlights of this years Rock Hard Festival where Turbo were headlining last friday. Supposed to be pretty cool, more details can be obtained here.




Turbonegro Mini-Concert - Universal Music Norway have launched a contest where you can win 2 tickets for an exclusive mini-concert in Oslo on may 16 where Turbonegro will perform live the songs of their new album "Sexual Harassment". You just have to answer the question which country Turbo's new singer Tony Sylvester is stemming from. Participate over here !!




Sexual Harassment - enjoy this preview on Turbonegro's forthcoming album provided by the Norwegian recordstore chain Platekompaniet today.

The new album will be entitled "Sexual Harassment" (!) and released on june 13 on CD and LP published by Scandinavian Leather Recordings / Universal. It features 10 tracks clocking in about half an hour which are - to cite the promo sheet - "rooted in hardcore punkrock and 80's alternative music, the riffs of the Stones and Stooges, glitterrock on plateau boots and spectacular radiofriendly bubblegum music".

Very nice sleeve art to boot with the leather cap outlined in neon. There is also talk of celebrating the launch of the new album with a release concert in Stockholm, Sweden on june 13.




New Single - Turbo's new single "You Give Me Worms" will be released by Scandinavian Leather Recordings / Universal Music Norge this friday, may 4 as digital download. There is also talk of a seven inch version coupled with the track "The Nihilistic Army". Cover art can already be adored over here at Universal Music Norway site. The new song also received a good review by today.

Live At WTJT 8 - Turbo's German booking agency has announced that Turbo will play live at Welt-Turbojugend-Tage 8 on july 20 at Knust in Hamburg. More info here.




You Give Me Worms is the title of a new Turbonegro song from their forthcoming album that was aired for the first time today on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show hosted by Daniel P. Carter and with Turbo singer Tony Sylvester present as interview guest.

The two hours show is available online for the next seven days, check out the BBC iPlayer site.

Mirror Lakes - besides Knut 'Euroboy' Schreiner has just released the debut album of his other new band Mirror Lakes incl. among others guitarist Trond Mjøen (who was playing with him on the Euroboys Soft Focus album) and vocalist Frode Fivel. Their sound is described as Neil Young inspired westcoast rock meeting indierock. Check out these links for some more info:

- Mirror Lakes Interview with Knut and Trond conducted by Verdens Gang
- Mirror Lakes @ Warner Music Norway - brief band bio with further links




The Lights, The Sound - check out some footage of Turbo's first show in their hometown since quite a while, casually nicknamed "Oslo Bloodbath pt.III" in advance. has a review and photo gallery feat. plenty of shots with Tony Sylvester plus a fairly diffuse mobile phone recording of "Erection". One fine dude at You Tube provides live footage of some of the newly composed songs, titles are still subject to speculation.

Apart from that Turbonegro are supposed to play at "Hellfest" in France and the "Love & Peace" Festival in Börlange, Sweden in june - more infos here.

And Hanky Von Helvete has recently announced the launch of his biography, to be written by Håvard Rem the book is scheduled for release in the fall of 2012 - read more at Verdens Gang.




Live At German Festival - Turbonegro have confirmed their appearance at the Rock Hard Festival in Germany taking place on Pentecost weekend from may 25 to may 27, more infos here.


more news from 2010-2011 here !!!