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Turbonegro Albums Reissued Part 2 - next friday, march 13 will see the re-release of Turbonegro's first two albums - their debut full length album "Hot Cars And Spent Contraceptives", originally launched in early 1992, and their rather underrated second album "Never Is Forever" from early 1994 that apparently not so many people did recognize at the time of its release but already had the same line-up as featured on the subsequent successful "Ass Cobra".

Both albums were orginally domestic Norwegian CD-only releases, and are now - some twenty years after Bitzcore's reissues in 1999/2000 - also available on vinyl again: "Hot Cars" on orange vinyl with black spatter as well as "Never Is Forever" aptly on white vinyl with red splatter. More info at Indie Recordings in Norway!




Turbonegro Albums Reissued - next saturday, october 19 will see the re-release of Turbonegro's most classic albums "Ass Cobra" from 1996 and "Apocalypse Dudes" from 1998 that have not been available any more for quite a few years. Turbonegro have licensed these reissues to Norwegian company Indie Recordings who will launch them on compact disc and black vinyl LP as well as limited coloured vinyl edtions ("Ass" on transparent yellow, "Dudes" on white vinyl).

Speaking of physical goods, Turbonegro have since recently further official merchandise purchasable through Lo-Fi Merchandise from Cologne, Germany.

Plus: Turbonegro's 30th anniversary show at Rockefeller in Oslo later this month will be graced and supported by Turbonecro, a band consisting of former/founding members of TRBNGR like Harry Fossberg, Bingo as well as Carlos and Vegard who actually played at the debut gig in Copenhagen in 1989. Their set is restricting to the pre-Apocalypse Dudes songs - please refer to this pretty nice interview with Circuit Sweet from last year as an introduction to their motives.




Live In America - this is pretty rad: as part of their 30th anniversary Turbonegro have announced their live debut for Mexico and South America with five dates in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil in the late summer. More details here !!




Live In 2019 - next year marks the 30th anniversary of Turbonegro's live debut that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark at Ungdomshuset in early 1989. A couple of shows for 2019 have already been announced, please check here !!

Turbonegro's gig at Helldorado Festival in Eindhoven four weeks ago is pretty well documented with these photo galleries:

· Helldorado, Netherlands - great gallery with 30+ pics - j-scheffers.nl
· Helldorado, Netherlands - and a few more black & white pics - paulverhagen.nl

Hank Von Hell On Tour - Turbonegro's ex-singer Hank Von Helvete is currently promoting his solo album live in Europe and will embark on a three-weeks tour of the USA and Canada early next year. A few old Turbo favourites have sneaked into his set as well, like "Selfdustructo Bust", "All My Friends Are Dead" or the almost inevitable "I Got Erection". Hanky obviously enjoys to be back to the stage, have a look at these photos from a recent gig in Prague, Czechia over here at musicserver.cz .




Rocknroll Summer - Turbonegro are closing the festival summer season with a headlining show at Fjellrock Festival in Hemsedal, Norway next saturday. Here are photo galleries from some of their recent festival gigs this summer:

· Sweden Rock - great live pics again - rockfoto.nu
· Lokerse, Belgium - brilliant first gallery - concertphotographers.be
· Lokerse, Belgium - and another one - frontview-magazine.be
· Super Uho, Croatia - more great pics - ravnododna.com
· Norway Rock - further fantastic pics - ghfoto.com
· Norway Rock … and some more incl. the summercamp - petterphoto.com

Aloha From Hell - quite unexspectedly Turbonegro's former singer Hank von Helvete who decided to leave the band in 2010 returns to the rock'n'roll stage again and announces a new album entitled "Egomania" scheduled for release in early november and published by Sony Music.

A video has just been launched for the track "Bum To Bum" - imagewise he continues with top hat and Alice-Cooper-makeup but has stripped down the blue denim in favour of shiny white. A string of five shows is already set up for Sweden in november and december. More info over here at - Hank Von Hell !!




Live From Hellfest - in case you missed Turbonegro's performance at Hellfest in France yesterday: the broadcast is provided by Arte TV for the next six months over here !!

Hellfest songlist : The Rocknroll Machine Suite: Parts 1 + 2 + 3 / Hurry Up And Die / interlude: Bohemian Rhapsody (orig. Queen) / Get It On / Hot For Nietzsche / All My Friends Are Dead / … a little "Run To The Hills" reference / Wasted Again / John Carpenter Powder Ballad / Selfdestructo Bust / Special Education / Age Of Pamparius / I Got Erection.

Turbonegro will return to France later this summer to play at Simple Fest in Montagnac.




Live From Hellfest - don't miss the livestream of Turbonegro's show at Hellfest in France tonight brought to you by Arte TV - Turbonegro will perform live after midnight !!!




Rainforest Benefit - ski manufacturer CMD from Åre in Sweden has teamed up with Turbonegro and a bunch of jugends to create a unique ski with a truly extraordinary design - essentially a collage of a wide variety of phallic drawings! This ski is up for auction at the Swedish portal tradera.se - bids can be submitted until this friday, may 4, early in the morning. All proceedings go to the WWF to the benefit of the rainforest in Borneo.

Earlier this month Turbonegro appeared on Norwegian television in the Anne Lindmo show with a live performance of their song "Hurry Up And Die" - check out the video over here at nrk.no !!

And don't miss this recent interview with Rune Rebellion conducted and published by OX Fanzine (in German) about the making of their new album "Rocknroll Machine" and striking the balance of 30 years of Turbonegro!!!




Rocknroll Machine On The Road - some links to photo galleries and reviews from Turbonegro's recent gigs in Norway, England and Sweden:

· Bergen @ USF Verftet great live gallery - jarlehm.com
· Oslo @ Rockefeller 1, review, photos and setlist - metalhammer.no
· Oslo @ Rockefeller 2, review and photos - norwayrock.net
· Oslo @ Rockefeller 3, and even more photos - musikknyheter.no
· London @ KOKO, review and photos - louderthanwar.com
· Stockholm @ Berns - photo gallery - gaffa.se




Mutated Into The Rocknroll Machine - enjoy these two recent interviews: punx.uk talked to guitarist Rune Rebellion about the making of Turbo's new album and in the German webzine metal.de Euroboy reveals his thoughts among others about today's role of rock music and provocation in the age of fake news.

Some exemplary reviews - well, a few critics seem to be severely irritated by the use of synths but most state it is a great party record !!

· "är en snyggt popproducerad rockhistoria som med i sin grova sexhumor skickar
   hyllningar till storheter som AC/DC och Van Halen"
- nöjesguiden.se
· "tonet ned punken til fordel for en klasissk rock-tilnærming" - gaffa.no
· "en fusjon av en flust av band fra 80-tallet med en blankpolert 2010-talls produksjon"
   - musikknyheter.no
· "Rockhjältarna har förlorat sig helt i synten" - gaffa.se
· "un album sans pareil au sein de sa longue discographie" - mowno.com
· "deathpunk synth soaked mastication of ELO, Asia & FM Rock" - scatalogik.com
· "Synthie-lastiger Sound mit Partyfaktor" - metal-hammer.de
· "feines, augenzwinkerndes Rock'n'Roll-Songwriting" - whiskey-soda.de
· "hohes Ohrwurmpotential, die 80er schimmern stark durch" - metal.de
· "das gesamte Spektrum postpubertären Fehlverhaltens" - teleschau mediendienst
· "unverschämt eingängig, flüssig und schnörkellos arrangiert" - terrorverlag.com
· "haben hörbar Spass und kurzweilige Ideen" - beatblogger.de
· "die Party-Krone geht auch diesmal nach Oslo" - powermetal.de

In march Turbonegro will play 4 shows in the European capitals of London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin. On these dates they will be supported by Californian rock band Easy, featuring vocalist and guitarist Josh Landau of The Shrine (who were on tour in Europe with Fu Manchu in 2012) and pro-skater Don Nguyen. Learn more about Easy and read this interview - Josh even jammed with Happy-Tom in Los Angeles last year!

For a look at the artwork of "Rocknroll Machine" check out this site's archive 16-18 section !!




New Album Out Next Friday - Rocknroll Machine will be released on february 2, 2018 by Turbonegro's own imprint Scandinavian Leather Recordings. In Norway the album is licensed to Universal Music who will put it out as compact disc as well as 180g vinyl LP. The US company Burger Records from California is in charge of the worldwide distribution and will release the new album on LP, CD and even cassette (!). All three formats can be pre-ordered directly at Burger's - click here !!

This is what the band has to say about their latest stroke:

"Brand hot topics around artificial intelligence and future technology are running through the turbo processor and are coming out in the shape of todays smartest rock robot. It holds on the whole night, delivers the fattest riffs, is cheap to operate and and always walks the thin line between genius and stupidity. Exactly how good old-fashioned rock should be!"

Absolutely stunning and beautiful artwork by Los Angeles artist Thomas Lynch III - learn more about his work here !!

Check out this site's album section for additional info !!




New Album - Turbonegro's 9th studio album entitled Rock'N'Roll Machine is scheduled for release in early february 2018 and will be preceded by a single of the title track in just a few weeks on november 24th.

This time Turbonegro are finally back as a six piece again with "Crown Prince" Haakon Marius on the keyboards. About the new songs singer Tony reveals: "we travelled to the future and this is what we heard on the radio!".

Furthermore eight shows in Northern Europe have already been announced as well - check here for the details (the Stockholm date is already sold out) !!




Live In France - Arte TV provides some 60+ minutes of Turbonegro's live performance at the Cabaret Vert Festival in Charleville-Mézières two weeks ago. Among Turbo's repertoire with titles from their albums of the past 10 years they also appear with a medley of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and a sped-up rendition of "We Will Rock You" and later on even rap the French crowd with a cover of House Of Pain's "Jump Around".

Watch and enjoy the full show here at Arte TV !!

Tracklist: Hot For Nietzsche / Get It On / You Give Me Worms / All My Friends Are Dead / Special Education / Bohemian Rhapsody-We Will Rock You medley (orig. Queen) / City Of Satan / Back To Dungaree High / Sell Your Body / Jump Around (orig. House Of Pain) / Wasted Again / Fuck The World / Age Of Pamparius / I Got Erection




Blue Denim And Deathpunk - enjoy this cool set of photos taken by Robert Gil from Turbonegro's recent show at the "This Is Not A Love Song" festival in Nimes, the city that gave the famous fabric denim its name (the term derives from the french serge de Nimes).




Semper Fidelis - lots of photos taken at Hellfest and Bråvalla Festival here:

· Hellfest, France - june 17 - provided by Music Universe
· Bråvalla, Sweden - july 2 - by Rockbladet and RockFoto again!

Next time Turbonegro will appear at the worldwide Turbojugend gathering in Hamburg in late july, … and one weekend later at the Ruhrpott Rodeo in Germany where they are co-headliners on saturday with The Descendents !!




Special Education - Turbonegro's new cassette single featuring their most recent two tracks "Special Education" coupled with "Hot For Nietzsche" is now available for pre-order from Burger Records in California - order here !!




Hellfest 2016 - so in a few days Turbonegro will embark on their tour of the american eastcoast kicking off with a sold out show in Toronto. In the meantime you can enjoy some 48 minutes of live footage from their recent show at Hellfest in France recorded last friday provided by Arte TV !!




Some Bits Of Footage - so yesterday Turbonegro rocked the Oslo citizens into the party mood for today's Norwegian Constitution Day - gaffa.no provides a really beautiful gallery with photos from their show at Sukkerbiten here !! You will also spot Turbo's new member Haakon Marius Pettersen on keyboards in the background of one or two of the pics.

And Turbonegro's show at Rock Hard Festival in Germany last weekend was a great success as well, see some footage here:

- live video of "Get It On" as a teaser for the upcoming WDR broadcast: here
- video interview with Tony aka "Duke Of Nihil": here
- tracklist of their Rock Hard Festival performance: here




Never Mind The Buttocks - the new Turbonegro song "Special Education" will be available in digital format tomorrow, may 13 via the usual web services of your fancy.

According to Happy-Tom the song tells "the story of a teenage boy's fall from academic grace and the cruel and unusual discipline he finds at the very bottom … this saucy tale of sizzling hot sexual abuse will make going to school GREAT again".

And on top this song coupled with last years "Hot For Nietzsche" (that by the way included new member Håkon Marius on the keyboards) will be released as a cassette (!!) single in june on Burger Records from California.

The artwork depicts a back pocket with pencil and ruler drawn on a naked female buttock. This was already enough to incur the displeasure of certain social media providers who imposed their black bar on this illustration immediately after it was revealed in the teaser for their new single earlier this week. Read more about this topic over here in Dagbladet (in Norwegian).

Rock Hard Livestream - be sure to check out the WDR Rockpalast live stream from Rock Hard Festival in Germany this weekend. Turbonegro are headliners on saturday and are supposed to enter the stage around 9:30 pm. WDR Rockpalast will also air portions of the shows in the subsequents weeks on TV. Please find more info here !!

Win Tickets For Sukkerbiten - you can win free tickets for Turbo's show at Sukkerbiten in Oslo on may 16 as well as their aftershow party by merely answering the following five questions asked on the musikknyheter.no site.

The aftershow party takes place at the pub of the Oslo & Akershus brewery and seems to be quite particular as Turbonegro are introducing their own "Turbo-Pils" developed by them in collaboration with the brewery. DJ responsibilities are taken over by band members together with Ebbot Lundberg (TSOOL, Union Carbide Prod.) !!




Live In Canada And USA - in june Turbonegro are returning to North-America for a string of live appearances at the east coast of Canada and the USA, be prepared - check out the latest updates in the tour dates section !!




Enter The Dionysian Party Zone - finally it happens, Turbonegro will make their live debut in Greece at the Rockwave Festival in Athens in early june!! Furthermore the denim demons are confirmed for the Rock Hard Festival taking place in Germany in mid of may where Turbonegro are headliners on the second day. Check out the latest updates here !!

Here is a cool set of live photos shot at Turbo's recent gig in Cologne three weeks ago - view here !!




Trainride To Heaven Or To Hell - just in time for their Oslo show at Sentrum Scene tonight Turbonegro have launched the new great single "Hot For Nietzsche", a glorious celebration of living in the big O, that is their hometown of Oslo. Check it out here at YouTube or stream/listen/buy at the web service of your fancy over here !!




Swedish Festival Pics - as always Turbonegro are looking extremely sharp on the Swedish festival stages! Have a look at Rockfoto's galleries of two of their recent shows at Storsjöyran and Get Away Rock !!




Copenhell Pics - have a look at Gaffa's gallery of Turbonegro's show at the Copenhell Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark last month here !! On one of them you can also spot Tarjei Strøm who stepped in on drums for Tommy Manboy at this particular gig. Tarjei has played before with Ralph Myerz & Jack Herren Band, Datarock as well as Black Diamond Brigade, a short lived project from 11 years ago that also included Euroboy.

To set the mood and mind for the forthcoming Turbojugend gathering in Hamburg you might enjoy to check out the Turbojugend Panorama that was assembled by German photographer Paul Müller Rode on the very occasion in 2012, watch here !!




WTJT 2015 - only a mere week to go until the eleventh gathering of the worldwide Turbojugend in Hamburg, Germany again !! It will already commence next wednesday with several activities on the St.Pauli circuit (welcome party and barbecue) with the main events being the concert with The Carburators, MF Ruckus, Final Assault and Crude Caress at the Grünspan club on friday (july 31) and the Turbowrestling show at the same venue on saturday (august 1).

For the latest info keep checking out the committee's facebook site here !!

On a sidenote, former TRBNGR vocalist Harald Fossberg (1992 Hot Cars era) has just issued an extensive book on the history of the Norwegian black metal scene with the pretty suggestive title "Nyanser Av Svart" via the publishing house Cappelen Damm - see their website for more info !!




TRBNGR IN THE USA - here are a couple of photos from Turbonegro's recent gigs in the USA where they left frenetic and satisfied audiences and even played a cover of Dire Staits' "Money For Nothing" that has already infrequently appeared in their set since last year. Look here for a small selection:

· Punk Rock Bowling, Las Vegas - may 25 - slideshow with pics from the monday shows (the Turbo bulk is # 20-27 with quite a focus on Turbojugend and Tony's tattoed legs) published by OC Weekly
· Observatory, Santa Ana - may 26 - show as special guest for Refused, Turbo pics are slideshow photos 28-41, published by OC Weekly plus a review/photo by Ghostcult Mag

KÅRE AND THE CAVEMEN ON ViNYL - the Norwegian company Round 2 have just released Kåre & The Cavemen's debut album "Jet Age" this month as a remastered double vinyl LP. This is the first outing on vinyl ever since its launch in 1997 when it had been solely available on CD by Virgin as well as an american edition by Sympathy For The Record Industry introducing them under their international name "The Euroboys" for the first time. However, "Jet Age" is considered a genuine classic of Norwegian rock music and physically available again after a very long while. In conjunction with the reissue of "Jet Age" Kåre & The Cavemen are playing a show upcoming friday, june 19th, at Parkteatret in Oslo with the original lineup performing songs from their first two albums - with the prospect of further gigs later this summer.




More Gigs In 2015 - Turbonegro have already announced a couple of shows for the next year: three gigs in Sweden in april as well as two festival appearances in Germany in late may - more infos here !!

And speaking of Sweden - rockfoto.nu provides some really beautiful pics from their recent gig at Pustervik in Göteborg, don't miss and have a look!




Turbonegro Show On German TV - next thursday very early in the morning Turbonegro's show from the Westend Festival in Dortmund two years ago will be aired again by Rockpalast on EinsFestival - please check here for more infos !!




Turbonegro at WTJT 2014 - on the first weekend of august the worldwide Turbojugend gathering aka Welt-Turbojugend-Tage is taking place for the 10th time again in St.Pauli, the harbor district of the city of Hamburg. On its first day, friday the 1st of august, Turbonegro are playing live at Grünspan club with the Italian glamrock ensemble Giuda from Rome who will also support them at their forthcoming show in Milano next week. Besides, it is also reported that Turbo are playing a cover of The Damned's "New Rose" at recent gigs.

More infos on the WTJT 2014 event here !!!



[30-NOV-2013] … some way old news …

Turbonegro Stamp - in early october Turbonegro has been honored with an own stamp as part of a four stamp issue released by the Norwegian Post to commemorate some of Norway's most popular bands! Other artists included are The Pussycats from the 60's as well as two bands from the 80's, Dum Dum Boys and DeLillos. Look here for some high resolution images!!!

Turbo's stamp features the well known promo photo taken by Raymond Mosken, and to get hold of this beautiful little paper gem Turbonegro advises interested parties to "find yourself a Norwegian pen pal as soon as possible, the internet is SO over!"

Well, it can also be purchased directly here at the Norwegian Post !!

First And Last - in conjunction with the 9th Turbojugend world gathering in Hamburg this summer, Self Destructo Records from the US have released the 30 track double CD "Omega Motherfuckers", a new tribute album to Turbonegro !!

A companion piece of sorts to "Alpha Motherfuckers" from some 12 year ago, the artists on this album pick up on Turbonegro songs of their four albums that followed the denim demon's return in 2002, from "Scandinavian Leather" to "Sexual Harassment".

Again the participation is worldwide, bands from New Zealand to Finland, among others Redd Kross (feat. "Party Animals" producer Steven McDonald as well as Keith Morris on vocals), Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator, Riverboat Gamblers plus many more as well as the one or other name you may have seen as support or at the annual Turbojugend gathering over the last years.

The double album can be ordered directly over here at the Turbojugend Shop and is also available digitally via CdBaby, Itunes, Spotify and many others.




Live In Switzerland, Germany & Sweden - some more footage from Turbo's shows at the recent Greenfield, Metaltown and Roskilde festivals as well as their support gig for Die Toten Hosen:

· Greenfield, Switzerland - june 14 - plenty of great pics by ch.tilllate.com
· Bostalsee, Germany - june 22 - more great photos by peterfath.de
· Metaltown, Sweden - july 4 - another brilliant gallery by rockfoto.nu
· Roskilde, Denmark - july 5 - and yet another fantastic gallery by rockfoto.nu

And enjoy this interview with The Duke Of Nothing posted a while ago by Bite My Wire !!




Turbo In The USA - here is a bit of footage from Turbonegro's recent US tour:

· Irving Plaza, NYC - may 18 - review & photos by Brooklyn Vegan
· Ogden Theatre, Denver - may 20 - review by Westword
· Observatory, Santa Ana - may 23 - photos by OC Weekly
· El Rey Theatre, LA - may 25 - reviews by Apeshit and Terrorizer
· Punk Rock Bowling, Las Vegas - may 26 - review by Las Vegas Weekly
  plus plenty of pics by Hits From The Pit , Brooklyn Vegan and Westword

Westword also took the opportunity to have a chat with Tony Sylvester on topics such as the appeal of American hardcore punk and some of his favorite Turbo song titles, read more over here at Westword !!




LIVE EP FROM HOUSE OF VANS - in conjunction with Turbonegro's upcoming US tour VANS are going to release a live ep containing two songs recorded at last year's "House Of Vans" performance in New York (august 29, 2012). The ep will be released as 7" on marbled grey vinyl and features the songs "You Give Me Worms" backed with "Mister Sister" and will be out next week on may 10th.

More details here at Vans !!!

MORE GIGS - in particular for Scandinavia several more shows have been added in the last couple of weeks, among others their appearance at the renown Roskilde Festival in Denmark where they played the last time some 8 years ago. And yes, Turbonegro will also show up again at the annual worldwide Turbojugend gathering in Hamburg at the first weekend of august. Their show is confirmed for the second day of the gathering at Grüspan club in Hamburg St.Pauli.

More information on their upcoming shows here !!




LIVE IN THE USA - in the third and fourth week of may Turbonegro are playing 8 shows in the USA - club shows from eastcoast to westcoast and a festival in the desert: more info here !!




More Shows - so concertwise Turbonegro kicked off the new year with a show in Halden yesterday night. Next week on thursday and friday they will perform at By:Larm in Oslo, an annual conference of the Scandinavian music industry - Turbonegro will play thirty minutes gigs each night. In early march a string of domestic shows will follow in the cities of Trondheim, Kristiansand, Arendal and Bergen.

For spring and summer Turbonegro have already announced appearances at a variety of European festivals in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Norway. In late may they will embark to the USA to play the "Punk Rock Bowling", a music festival and bowling tournament in downtown Las Vegas. More details here !!

Here are few links to reports of some of the shows Turbonegro played at the end of last year:

  Electric Ballroom, London, UK - 22/11 - review by The Quietus
  The HiFi, Melbourne, Australia - 07/12 - review by Beat Magazine
  The HiFi, Melbourne, Australia - 07/12 - review & great pics by Visceral Industry
  The HiFi, Melbourne, Australia - 07/12 - poster art by Rhys Cooper

If you like to listen to some more covers of Turbonegro tunes - here is a small selection of what the bandcamp website provides, some lesser obvious songs, from acoustic to fuzz guitar to pretty weird:

  My Hometown - performed by Dasa Fon Flasa (Czech Republic)
  Black Rabbit - performed by No Truck Truckers (Spain)
  Get It On - performed by Kontagion (Poland)


more news from 2012 here !!!