· TRBNGR SONGS ON COMPILATIONS   author: turbo-archive, published 2000-2008

Many thanks to Kjelli, Erik & Peter for supplying scans of some of the original sleeves !!!

Serious Statements & Silly Symphonies   cassette

( dbut recordings 003 / Norway / 1991 )

incl. Mutated By Stryke

An early release by Oslo's dbut label - besides TRBNGR bands included are Rorschach, Munch, Sadomaoistan, some Elvis Presley from Norway (!), Jarboe (of The Swans) and Haakon Magnus, The Prince of Norway with a statement claiming himself to be a rock rebel !!! TRB's contribution is a different mix by Audun Strype of what was later released as "Booth theme" on the Big Ball compilation, and was originally recorded in Aalborg in 1991.

Shit! Too Early...   LP

( Big Ball Records BBR-001 / Norway / 1991 )

incl. No Rule (orig. Leather Nun); Booth Theme

"A compilation of contemporary Oslo guitarfuzz" - a manifestation of the unique and original musical climate of Norway... The debut release of Oslo based company Big Ball Records that is run by David 'Punk Babe' Gurrik of Anal Babes / Astroburger fame. Two songs each by Anal Babes, Astroburger, Black And Decker, Kung-Fu Girls, Lust-O-Rama, O-Men and TRBNGR who do a hammerin' version of 'No Rule' by Sweden's Leather Nun plus an over-the-top distorto collage entitled 'Booth Theme'.

Rock Furore 2  CD

( Rock Furore RFCD-2 / Norway / 1992 )

incl. Armed & Fairly Well Equipped

Free with Rock Furore magazine # 18. The song is lifted from the "Hot Cars" CD. Also on this compilation are Nemlig Hemmelig who played together with Turbo in Copenhagen on their first ever gig 1989.

Penguins And Bondage   LP

( That's Entertainment Records THEN-18 / Norway / 1992 )

incl. Destructive Girls

"19 Norwegian Thrillers - All Killers !" - a great garage rock compilation issued by Norwegian scene veteran Arne Thelin (singer for Lust-O-Rama, Cosmic Dropouts, Kwyet Kings) that furthermore includes tracks by Anal Babes, Kåre & The Cavemen, Kung Fu Girls, The Lust-O-Rama, Astroburger, The Cutbacks, Monsters Of Doom plus a whole bunch more.

NOVA 92   CD

( Radio Nova Records 003 / Norway / 1993 )

incl. Hot Cars; Clenched Teeth; Search And Destroy

Features live recordings from NOVA festival 8th/9th may 1992 held at Kampen Verksted in Oslo. "Search & destroy" is a cover of the old Iggy & The Stooges song. Sound quality is said to be pretty so-so; other bands featured are Kung-Fu Girls, Tranceplants, Seigmen etc.

Rock Furore 4  CD

( Rock Furore RFCD-4 / Norway / 1993 )

incl. Grunge Whore

Free with Rock Furore magazine # 20. Issued as Stierkampf, and actually released a few months before the "Grunge Whore" 10" - this is slightly different mix with a few extra seconds of feedback at the end.

This Ain't No Fucking Melodic Punk   7"ep

( Probe Records probe-004 / USA / 1996 )

incl. Pissfight In Oslo (aka A dazzling display of talent)

Six track ep issued by californian truck driver Aaron Muentz of Probe magazine. Further bands included with one song each are The Loudmouths, Hickey, Mensclub, Ringwurm and Whopper Breath.

Larmende Opptog I Taushetsgata   CD

( Siri Rekkårdz Siri-004 / Norway / 1996 )

incl. War On The Terraces (orig. Cockney Rejects)

"Tumults in the streets of silence" - an all-norwegian bands compilation issued by Anti Fascist Action Oslo presenting a wide range of musical styles that vary from punk to hiphop to industrial. Other bands included are Piledriver, Motorpsycho, Amulet, Apoptygma Berzerk etc.

Dictators Forever, Forever Dictators Vol. 1  LP+7" / CD

( Roto Records RTI-205 / Spain / 1996 )

incl. The Party Starts Now (orig. Manitoba's Wild Kingdom)

Kike Turmix of the Pleasure Fuckers - who is also running the Safety Pin label - put together this tribute record to New York City's mid-70's punk pioneers The Dictators.
Turbonegro's version of a song by Manitoba's Wild Kingdom (a mid-90's follow-up band incl. three original members of The Dictators) was recorded in december 1995 and starts with a spoken word intro by Rune. Other bands included here are Sator, The Nomads, Pleasure Fuckers, Electric Frankenstein, Prissteens, Fleshtones, Jeff Dahl etc.

Weird, Waxed And Wired   2LP

( Radio Blast RB019 / Germany / 1997 )

incl. Screwed And Tattoed

A compilation of contemporary punkrock issued by German OX fanzine feat. 42 bands with mostly exclusive or hardly elsewhere available cuts. Apart from its appearance here Turbo's "Screwed and tattoed" can only be found on the SFTRI edition of "Ass Cobra". Strangely enough there had once been rumours that this song was as well supposed to be released on a single for the Swedish Ken Rock label but this never finalized. The song was also included on the compilation cd free with Ox Fanzine issue 26.

Their Sympathetic Majesties Request   2CD / 2LP

( Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI-200 / 1998 )

incl. Zonked Out On Hashish

Subtitled "Ten Years Of Sympathy - a decade of obscurity and obsolescence". For the labels 10th anniversary Long Gone John selected and compiled a few dozen tracks from Sympathy's first 199 releases on this extremely wonderful looking birthday record with cover art by Mark Ryden !!

EP Internacionale 7"ep

( Carbon 14 magazine / USA / 1998 )

incl. Get It On

Free 4-song ep released with the american Carbon-14 magazine issue 12. "Get it on" is lifted from "Apocalypse Dudes".

Der FC St. Pauli ist schuld, dass ich so bin!   2LP / CD

( Bitzcore bc 1717 / Germany / 1998 )

incl. I Got Erection (German lyrics version)

A tribute compilation to Hamburg soccer club FC St.Pauli released by the club related magazine "Der Übersteiger". Features a version of "I got erection" with re-recorded vocals in german language and a introductory dialogue by Hank and Happy Tom rambling on about the struggle between St.Pauli and their arch enemies, the heavy metal pussies of Hansa Rostock !!

Pushing Scandinavian Rock To The Man!   CD

( Bad Afro Records AFROCD002 / Denmark / 1999 )

incl. Suffragette City (orig. David Bowie); Kærlighetens Børn

Superb Bad Afro label from Denmark made a selection of tracks from their early and way-out-of-print singles available again. Definitely worth checking out for the other bands as well as there are the magnificent Flaming Sideburns, The Nomads, Hellacopters, Grinners, Shake Appeal etc. !!!

Bad Afro Records established in 1996 - initially as a kind of singles club for the faithful readers of great Denish Moshable magazine. Unfortunately Moshable called it quits in spring 2000 with the release of their 20th issue but Bad Afro keeps on track with picking up some of the coolest bands currently to emerge from Scandinavia.

Fistful Of Rock'n'Roll Vol. 6   LP / CD

( Tee Pee Records TPE026 / USA / 2000 )

incl. Selfdestructo Bust

The sixth volume in the "Fistful of RNR" compilation series - all track selections made by Sal from Electric Frankenstein for the sake of keeping rock'n'roll alive! The liner notes on Turbonegro say : "Norway strikes the final blow with these all-time greatly beloved looney rockers, plundering from all to make one great rock'n'roll adventure both on record and real life !"

Hangin' From The Devil's Tree   CD

( Your Flesh Magazine / USA / 2001 )

incl. Good Head (anti-wank edit)

A 19-song benefit compilation for Your Flesh magazine that was released at the time of their 20th anniversary issue. Here you get the live version of "Good head" from "Darkness forever" BUT with the final minutes of 'guitar-wank' excess cut out! Furthermore it delivers rare and unissued tracks by Rocket From The Crypt, Supersuckers, New Bomb Turks, The Bellrays and lots more!

How We Rock   2LP / CD

( Burning Heart BHR-143 / Sweden / 2002 )

incl. Age Of Pamparius

"A dandy characteristic documentation of the new frontiers of rock!" - says it all, here you get 18 tracks from Zeke, The Hives, The Hellacopters, Rocket From The Crypt, Dwarves, Gluecifer, The Peepshows, Puffball etc.

Quart 2002   CD

( Sonet / Norway / 2002 )

incl. Age Of Pamparius

This compilation was released june 2002 in order to promote the Quart Festival held in Kristiansand in the first week of july and features a selection of the bands and artists who were going to perform there, among others are included Amulet, King Midas, The International Noise Conspiracy, Team Spirit, We, Kåre João etc.

Their Sympathetic Majesties Request Vol. 2   2CD / 2LP

( Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI-300 / 2003 )

incl. Pain In Der Arsch Pocket Full Of Cash

Second installment in the Sympathy catalogue retrospective - this compilation presents a selection of songs that have been featured before on Sympathy releases SFTRI-201 to 299, all stuff from around 93-94. One of Stierkampf's tracks from the Grunge Whore ep is included here along with many other cool stuff by the likes of D-Generation, Devil Dogs, The Muffs, Dead Moon, The Humpers, Gun Club, Teengenerate, Lunachicks etc. 40 bands total!! Again brilliant cover art by Mark Ryden !!

XRAY #10   CD

( XRAY magazine / England / 2003 )

incl. Sell Your Body (XFM session)

Exclusive version of "Sell Your Body" recorded at the XFM studio in England in the summer of 2003. This track was published on a cd compilation free with now folded XRAY magazine issue no.10.

Rørt Og Urørt   CD

( Waterfall Records WTRP3 / Norway / 2004 )

incl. Ride With Us (live)

This compilation was put together by radio programme NRK Petre to present some of the most exciting Norwegian bands in 2004 - a nice mix of newcomers and already established acts. Turbonegro are featured with "Ride with us" recorded live at Oslo Spektrum on may 31st, 2003.

Heartattack   2CD

( Burning Heart Records BHR 200-2 / Sweden / 2004 )

incl. Drenched In Blood; Repo Man (orig. Iggy Pop)

A compilation double album released to celebrate Burning Heart's 10th anniversary as a record company. Disc one presents a selection of 24 tracks from the label's current band roster, disc two delivers more than a dozen of exclusive tracks, many of them recorded by Burning Heart artists in collaboration with an illustrous group of guest musicians.
Turbonegro are included with a song from their Scandinavian Leather album and a great cover of the original Iggy Pop tune "Repo Man" that prominently featured in the movie of the same name directed by Alex Cox in 1984.

Team Antonsen Live - One Night Only   DVD

( NRK-Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Norway / 2004 )

incl. Færra Te Mexico (orig. Lynni Treekrem)

In late may 2004 the successful Norwegian comedy group Team Antonsen held a live show entitled "One Night Only" at the Oslo Spektrum that was recorded and released on DVD in november the same year. Turboneger appeared at the show's final with a live performance of the old smash hit "Færra Te Mexico" by Norwegian chanteuse Lynni Treekrem. As the original version is reported to be quite horrible "Turboneger had to take esthetic responsibility for the Norwegian people" (Happy Tom). Knut and Tom are also briefly featured in the bonus backstage footage.

Last Train Presents: No Music Requests   CD

( Peek-A-Böö LT-002 / Norway / 2004 )

incl. Bloodstains (orig. Agent Orange)

The Oslo pub Last Train is the hangout for many local bands and artists and released this compilation to celebrate its 20th birthday and their hometown - the rockcity of Oslo. Featured are twenty Norwegian bands with one exclusive song each. Turboneger contribute with a cover version of early 80's California punk legends Agent Orange. Other bands included are Euroboys, Anal Babes, Gluecifer, Bonk, Sister Rain, Madrugada, Wonderfools, We, Big Bang, Astroburger etc.

Old Skars And Upstarts 505   CD

( Disaster Records / USA / 2005 )

incl. Suffragette City (orig. David Bowie)

The 2005 volume of the Old Skars & Upstarts compilation series put together by Duane Peters of US Bombs. Turbonegro are included with the a-side of their single for the Danish Bad Afro label originally released in 1997. Other bands featured are Die Hunns (w/ Corey Parks of Nashville Pussy), The Briefs, Epoxies, US Bombs etc.

Det Beste Til Meg Og Mine Venner   CD

( Sonet / Norway / 2005 )

incl. Her Kommer Vinteren (orig. Joachim Nielsen)

A tribute album to Norwegian rock poet & singer Joachim "Jokke" Nielsen who died in october 2000 at the age of 36. In his homecountry Jokke is considered one of Norway's finest and most important rock artists of the 80s and 90s. In 1992 he received the Spellemannspris for his album "Frelst" which also included "Her kommer vinteren", the song Turbonegro covered for this compilation. The tribute album was released in september 2005 when Jokke would have had his 41st birthday. More info on Jokke at jokke.nu !!

Skate Rock Volume 12: Eat The Flag   Dual Disc

( Volcom Entertainment VOLC867 / USA / 2005 )

incl. All My Friends Are Dead (live); Blow Me Like The Wind (live); Prince Of The Rodeo (live)

The north-american skater magazine Thrasher and Volcom Entertainment continue with the "Skate Rock" compilation series and released a brand-new volume after a hiatus of almost 13 years. In addition to a selection of 20 audio tracks this dual disc contains a video part with three tracks by Turbonegro filmed live at Thrasher magazines "Skater of the Year" awards held in december 2004 in San Francisco.

Taubertal Festival   DVD

( ZYX Music / Germany / 2007 )

incl. Get It On (live); Blow Me Like The Wind (live)

Two songs recorded live at the wonderful Taubertal Festival in Rothenburg, Germany august 2006 plus an interview !!

Age Of Conan - Hyborian Adventures  2CD

( Grappa Records GRCD4290 / Norway / 2008 )
( Edel Records ERE0192492 / Germany / 2008 )

incl. Destroy All Monsters ; We're Gonna Drop The Atom Bomb ; Do You Do You Dig Destruction

This soundtrack album includes the original music score by Norwegian composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen written for the "Age Of Conan" online game. Turbonegro are featured on the bonus disc with the exclusive cut "Destroy All Monsters" which was especially composed for this compilation and is also their first song recorded and released with new drummer Tomas Dahl. Knut describes this song as 'a dark, almost industrial-sounding mid tempo rocker, with a great chorus'. Well, the song title is likely to be a reference to Ron Asheton's post-Stooges ensemble of the same name with Detroit painter and musician Niagara. The other two Turbonegro songs were lifted from "Retox" and obviously suit the game's theme just fine.